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Newsletter n°18 December 2013


A new website for the ISSN International Centre

The ISSN IC has launched its new website.

The address doesn’t change but all has been reviewed for a better « ISSN experience », we hope you will enjoy its new ergonomy and design.





Library of Congress joins the Keepers Registry

The Registry provides the Library of Congress (LoC) with opportunity to share information on the titles and digital content that it is archiving for the long term.

  >> Keeper's Registry, 2013-12-02  

PIE-J, Presentation and Identification of E-Journals: what’s the point?

Challenges and goals of the PIE-J project by Regina Romano Reynolds, director of the US ISSN Center.

  >> Insights, 2013-11-06  



Scholarly Kitchen Podcast: Standards, Standards, Standards

Scholarly Kitchen chef and NISO executive director Todd Carpenter talks about the importance of technical standards in scholarly publishing today.

  >> Scholarly Kitchen, 2013-11-20  

Publishing Industry


Investigation reveals black market in China for research paper authoring

The journal Science has uncovered, via investigation, a thriving black market in science paper authoring—people are paying to have their names added to papers that have been written to describe research efforts.

  >>, 2013-11-29  

ALLEA calls for Enhancement of Open Access to Scientific Publications

ALLEA (All European Academies) has released a paper which invites European authorities to take measures facilitating an Open Access model under consideration of the specificities of the various scientific disciplines.

  >> ALLEA, 2013-11-11  

Open Access on the Sea of Confusion

« Open Access » can be a very confusing term as several models coexist. Overview of the main ones.

  >> Scholarly Kitchen, 2013-11-11  

The Year of the Paywall

The comeback of paying online content for the newspapers following the important decrease of advertising revenues.

  >> BusinessWeek, 2013-11-14  

Open Access Week 2013: A Recap of This Year’s Global Celebration

This year’s Open Access Week, a global event that just finished its sixth year, was held Oct. 21–27, 2013. Celebrations of various types were sponsored by libraries, students, researchers, publishers, and nonprofit organizations to increase awareness about open access (OA).

  >> Information Today, 2013-31-10  

2013 Study of Subscription Prices for Scholarly Society Journals

Society publishers face a number of challenges as a result of declining subscriptions, increased competition, demand for mobile access, increasing production prices, and open access mandates. This study is a review of scholarly journal price trends during the past year.

  >> Allen Press, November 2013  



Preservation, Trust and Continuing Access for e-Journals

The latest in the Digital Preservation Coalition’s (DPC) series of Technology Watch Reports has been released on 30th October.

It discusses the critical issues of preservation, trust and continuing access for e-journals, particularly in light of the dynamic and interdependent resources they have become, as well as the ever-growing trend towards open-access.


  >> Digital Preservation Coalition, November 2013  

UKSG webinar series available online

The slides and the recording of the following UKSG webinars are now available online:

Managing Open Access in the Library

What is Open Access? An Introduction

  >> UKSG, November 2013  

Who should Europeana be serving in 2020? And how?

Europeana is running four workshops to help define Europeana’s strategy for the period 2015-2020: one for Distribution & Engagement, one for Aggregation, one for Facilitation, and a finalizing Synthesis session.

  >> Europeana, 2013-11-13  

Webinar Recording and Slides: “The Role of the Librarian in an Open Access World”

In October 2013, Choice, the magazine of the Association of College and Research Libraries, offered a webinar titled ”The Role of the Librarian in an Open Access World”. A recording and the slides are now available.

  >> Library journal, 2013-24-11  

Beyond the Scanned Image: Assessing Scholarly Uses of Digital Collections

A recent study of humanities faculty at twelve research institutions, led by Harriett Green, English and Digital Humanities librarian at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, aimed to find out more about uses of digital collections among humanities scholars.

Survey results

  >> Library of Congress, 2013-11-18  

The SciELO 15 Years Conference is a milestone in SciELO’s History

Summary of the debates held during the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) Conference (23rd to 25th of October 2013).

Among the subjects discussed:

- The current state of scholarly communication,
- The expansion of evaluation methodologies and metrics,
- Products and services in editing and publishing academic journals,
- The role played by public policies and programs in the support and evaluation of research communicated by journals.

  >> SciELO in Perspective, 2013-11-5  



APE 2014: Redefining the Scientific Record

  >> January 28-29, 2014 - Berlin  

The 9th International Conference on Open Repositories

  >> June 9-13, 2014 - Helsinki  

IFLA webinar: New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations

  >> January 14, 2014 - Online  

NISO Webinar: From Device to Device: Adaptive Interfaces for Content

  >> January 8, 2014 - Online  

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