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ISSN Newsletter n° 74 March 2019




ISSN International Centre @ UKSG Annual Conference and exhibition (8-10 April 2019)

The ISSN International Centre will participate in UKSG 42nd Annual Conference and Exhibition, to be held in Telford, United Kingdom.

Visit Booth 55 and learn about ISSN novelties.

  >> UKSG 42nd Annual Conference and Exhibition, 8-10 April, Telford, UK  

Learn more about ISSN Japan!

ISSN Japan is hosted by the National Diet Library and our colleagues have recently updated the web page in English about the role and the activities of ISSN Japan.

  >> National Diet Library, March 2019  

Head of US ISSN Centre to participate in NASIG 2019

Regina Romano Reynolds, Head of the US ISSN Centre, will speak at NASIG 2019 (5-8 June 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA). During the session Minding Your Ps and Qs: Predatory Journals, Piracy, and Quality Questions, Regina Romano Reynolds will recount the experiences of U.S. ISSN staff on the front lines of dealing with the full range of new publishers and will explore the broader questions raised by the predatory publishing phenomenon.

  >> NASIG 2019, 4-8 June 2019, Pittsburg, PA, USA  

Director of the ISSN International Centre to attend 2019 Fiesole Collection Development Retreat

Hosted by Casalini Libri and the European University Institute, and managed by the Charleston Company, 2019 Fiesole Collection Development Retreat ‘s program focuses on Open Science, Plan S and Open Scholarship. The Director of the ISSN International Centre will participate in discussions about the future of libraries, publishing, collections, and scholarship which are critical for the development of ISSN IC future strategy.

  >> Fiesole Collection Development Retreat Series, 3-5 April 2019, Florence, Italy  

New Director for the National Book Chamber of the Republic of Moldova

Renata Cozonac, Coordinator of ISBN, ISMN, and ISSN systems in Moldova, was appointed Director of the National Book Chamber of the Republic of Moldova on February 25th, 2019. She will carry on her international activities within the ISSN Network.


Director of ISSN International Centre to chair 2019 ISO TC46 Annual Meeting (6-10 May 2019, Ottawa, Canada)

Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, will chair the 2019 ISO TC46 Annual Meeting hosted by Library and Archives Canada/Bibliothèque et Archives Canada. The program includes a meeting of ISO TC46/SC9/WG5 experts who will discuss the outcomes of the 2019 DIS ballot regarding the ISSN standard ISO 3297.


Developing the ISSN International Centre Strategy for the next five years

The ISSN International Centre has selected the UK-based company CiberResearch to carry out an advisory mission on the definition of its strategy for the next five years.


ISSN International Centre will participate in ICEDIS meeting

Nathalie Cornic, Head of Metadata and Technical Coordination of the ISSN Network Department, will participate in ICEDIS meeting and deliver a presentation on the new ISSN portal.

As usual, EDItEUR and ICEDIS hold a meeting on serials standards and related topics on the final day of the UKSG Annual Conference and Exhibition. This meeting will be held on Wednesday 10th April 2019, from 1.15pm to 4.00pm in the Wenlock 2 room of the Telford International Centre. In addition to discussion of ONIX-PC, ONIX for Books, Thema and other standards managed by EDItEUR, a wider look will be taken at related standards initiatives and recent developments in persistent identifiers and open linked data.


  >> EDItEUR, February 2019  



Persistent identifiers in UKSG Insights March 2019

In their article, the three authors affiliated with ORCID share their view of persistent identifiers (PIDs) as foundational elements in the overall research information infrastructure. PIDs enable entities to be uniquely identified and connected, to create reliable links between them.

  >> Insights, March 2019 ; vol. 32 (issue 1):9  

ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging Norms Interest Group seeks speakers to present at ALA Annual in Washington, DC, on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019.

Cataloging Norms Interest Group offers a forum for the exploration, communication, and exchange of ideas and best practices on the dynamics of cataloging/metadata norms and workflows in the hybrid environment.

Please email proposal abstracts to co-chairs Paul Heyde ( and Rachel Turner ( by Tuesday, April 2nd, 2018.

  >> ALCTS, March 2019  

ISNI Registration Agency update

Recent months have seen further significant recruitment of new Members and Registration Agencies of  ISNI International Agency (ISNI-IA). This brings the total membership to about 42 organizations and continues to broaden the base of ISNI participation. Many of these registration agencies are national libraries which specialise in registering contributor names from their particular country or region as part of their normal cataloguing processes, and some specialise in a particular industry sector or only register their own identities and business partners. Others are commercial organisations which may charge a fee for assigning an ISNI.

  >> EDItEUR Newsletter, February 2019  

Publishing Industry


Strategic and Non-strategic Society Publishing

Many society publishers, concerned about the disruptive implications of Plan S, are nervously considering selling off their publishing assets.

  >> The Scholarly Kitchen, March 2019  



CNI Fall 2018 Membership Meeting: Videos and slides are online

Representatives from the Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) member organizations gather twice annually to explore new technologies, content, and applications; to further collaboration; to analyze technology policy issues; and to catalyze the development and deployment of new projects. The CNI Fall 2018 Membership Meeting was held on 10-11 December 2018 in Washington, DC. Issues related to intellectual property, open access, and scholarly publishing were well represented at this meeting. Discovery, interoperability, and linked data are also topics of interest to many in the CNI community.

Interviews, videos and slides are online.

  >> Coalition for Networked Information, February 2019  

Quality Issues of CRIS Data: An Exploratory Investigation with Universities from Twelve Countries

This paper examines data quality issues in current research information systems and introduces new techniques and methods of data cleansing and data monitoring with which organizations can guarantee the quality of their data.

  >> Publications 2019, vol. 7 (issue 1): 14  

Scholarly Communication


Wellcome Open Research and the future of scholarly communication

Robert Kiley and Michael Markie discuss the ambition behind creating Wellcome Open Research, an innovative funder led publishing platform, and assess the success of the platform over its first two years. Going on to imagine a future, in which all research is published using the principles behind Wellcome Open Research, they suggest the potential benefits such a publishing system would have for research and research assessment.

  >> LSE Impact Blog, February 2019  

Seeking, Reading, and Use of Scholarly Articles: An International Study of Perceptions and Behavior of Researchers

While journal articles are still considered the most important sources of scholarly reading, libraries may no longer have a monopoly on providing discovery and access. Many other sources of scholarly information are available to readers. This international study examines how researchers discover, read, and use scholarly literature for their work. There are still significant differences found in the reading and use of scholarly literature by discipline and geographical location. Researchers show they are willing to change or adopt new strategies to discover and obtain articles.

  >> Publications, March 2019, vol.7 (issue 1): 18  

Multiplicity, the unofficial theme of Researcher to Reader 2019

Danny Kingsley, Deputy Director of Cambridge University Library, reports on the 2019 Researcher to Reader Conference that was held on late February 2019. In her comprehensive and personal take on the issues raised at the conference, Dr Kingsley gives an update on Plan S, and highlights Cambridge Elements – a publication format that straddles the Book and Journal formats.

  >> Unlocking Research blog, March 2019  

Open Access


Plan S: HighWire whitepaper explores implementation options publishers are considering

The HighWire community identifed and explored 14 implementation options for publishers and how they could deliver against the 10 principles as set out by cOAlition S. A whitepaper summarises the findings and details of the four alternative strategies to comply with the mandate, three of which require sophisticated platform features. Interested parties may download the whitepaper and watch a recording of HighWire Press’ recent webinar outlining the key outputs.

  >> HighWire, March 2019  

Towards transition strategies and business models for Society Publishers who wish to accelerate Open Access and Plan S: An initial discussion document from the Society Publishers Accelerating Open access and Plan S (SPA-OPS) project

The SPA-OPS project was commissioned by Wellcome, UKRI, and the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) to support learned society publishers successfully transition to open access (OA) and align with Plan S. A short background study identifies the key issues learned societies face in the light of Plan S (section 3). Then, a discussion document follows and assesses options for how learned society publishers could transition to OA and develop Plan S-compliant business models (section 4).

  >> Information Power, March 2019  



IASSIST Conference 2019

IASSIST is an international organization of professionals working in and with information technology and data services to support research and teaching in the social sciences. The annual conference provides opportunities to discuss about data sharing, data access tools, best practices for preserving data, and global resources for information.

The full programme is online.

  IASSIST Conference 2019, 27-31 May 2019, Sidney, Australia  

Coalition for Networked Information Spring 2019 Membership Meeting

The Coalition for Networked Information (CNI) is dedicated to supporting the transformative promise of digital information technology for the advancement of scholarly communication and the enrichment of intellectual productivity. Representatives from CNI member organizations gather twice annually.

The programme and plenary sessions are available online.

  CNI Spring 2019 Membership Meeting, 8-9 April 2019, St. Louis, MO, USA  

ELPUB 2019 Conference (3-4 June 2019, Marseille, France)

The 23rd edition of the International Conference on Electronic Publishing (ElPub) will focus on Academic Publishing and digital Bibliodiversity and celebrate the cultural diversity and the knowledge transmission within human societies.

The programme is available online.

  ElPub 2019, 2-4 June 2019, Marseilles, France  

OASPA Webinar: Implementing a consortial funding model for open access publishing (April 4th, 2019)

Three pioneers of the Consortial Funding Model of Publishing, i.e. Oya Y. Rieger, arXiv Program Director, John Willinsky, Director of the Public Knowledge Project, and Martin Paul Eve, Co-founder of the Open Library of Humanities will share their thoughts at this free OASPA webinar.


  OASPA Webinar, 4 April 2019, 3.30pm – 4.30pm GMT  

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