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ISSN Newsletter n° 108 - June 2022
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ISSN International Centre @ IFLA WLIC 2022 (26-29 July, Dublin, Ireland)

The ISSN International Centre will exhibit at Booth n°A106 during the 87th World Library Information Congress. The ISSN International Centre will give a presentation entitled Identifying OA journals: A Core Business of the ISSN International Centre at the Expo Pavilion on July 26th, 2022 (12:00 to 12:45 IST). The full program is available here:

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La BnF rejoint le Réseau Mir@bel
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La Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) rejoint le Réseau Mir@bel en tant que membre veilleur. Ce partenariat fait suite aux actions déjà mises en place avec le Centre ISSN France pour améliorer conjointement le signalement des périodiques, notamment avec l’attribution d’e-ISSN.

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Gaelle Bequet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, conducted a webinar on ISSN IC services hosted by the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (16 June 2022, online)

Gaelle Bequet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, conducted a webinar hosted by the Institut de recherche pour le développement, IRD.

The subject was: ISSN, a reliable and permanent identifier for journals and monographic series. What for? Gaëlle Béquet introduced the ISSN IC services and discussed their relevance to the scholarly community.

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The ISSN International Centre @ 2022 ABES Annual Conference (21-22 June)

The ISSN International Centre participated in the conference held by ABES, the French academic libraries network,  held on 21-22 June 2022. Nathalie Cornic, Head of the Metadata and Technical Coordination of the ISSN Network Dpt., delivered a presentation about the participation of the ISSN Network in CIDEMIS, the Dematerialized Circuit of ISSN Requests for ISSN assignment and data modifications. She presented services based on ISSN as well as avenues for future cooperation with ABES.  The agenda is available here :

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Digital preservation
50 documentos bibliográficos referentes al período virreinal peruano fueron declarados Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación

Cincuenta unidades bibliográficas referentes al período virreinal peruano (1542-1824), invaluable material custodiado por la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú (BNP), fueron declaradas Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación por parte del Ministerio de Cultura. Entre las unidades bibliográficas se encuentran 34 números del “Mercurio Peruano”, publicados entre enero y abril de 1794 por la Sociedad Académica de Amantes de Lima. This publication has been identified by an ISSN, and is preserved by HathiTrust.

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La conservation partagée des périodiques de l’enseignement supérieur : améliorer l’accès à la documentation

Grâce à une subvention de CollEx-Persée, les plans de conservation partagée, qu’accompagne le Centre Technique du Livre de l’enseignement supérieur (CTLes), ont pu être étendus au-delà du périmètre initial de l’Île-de-France et couvrir de nouveaux domaines. Les pôles de conservation ne s’engagent pas seulement à conserver les titres mais aussi à y donner accès. Les plans de conservation partagée et les pôles de conservation, sont signalés sur l’outil Périscope conçu par l’ABES, l’Agence Bibliographique de l’Enseignement Supérieur.

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The Library’s Role in Facilitating Users’ Experiences Navigating Computing and Data Services

Previous research from Ithaka S+R and recent recommendations of the ARL/CARL Joint Task Force on Research Data Services have emphasized the importance of greater coordination between university units to guide users to the most appropriate services. To help libraries play a leading role in efforts to implement greater collaboration with other campus providers and promote roadmaps for users of these services, this fall Ithaka S+R will launch a new cohort project designed to help libraries create blueprints for coordinating data service offerings within and beyond the library.

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Open Science
Open Science and the academic profession: the case of training for Research Data Management
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Open Access
OASPA Webinar: Shadow Libraries and Access to Knowledge: Origins, Policies, Legality, and Accessibility

The recording of OASPA webinar focusing on shadow libraries is now available.

Large segments of the scholarly literature, both from backlist catalogs and new publications, continue to be only accessible behind paywall infrastructures. An ecosystem of so-called “shadow libraries” has evolved, developing different strategies to make closed content accessible to a wide scholarly public.

You can find the recording, slides, resources shared in the chat.

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Transformative Journals: analysis of Year 1 (2021)

The Transformative Journal (TJ) model is one of the strategies cOAlition S endorses to help subscription publishers transition to full and immediate Open Access (OA). As of June 2022, some 16 publishers – large and small, for-profit, not-for-profit, society publishers and university presses – totalling some 2304 journals, have enrolled in this programme. This blog post provides a summary of the first full year of the TJ programme, using data supplied by all participating publishers.

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How transformative agreements are actually transforming the subscription system: a society publisher’s perspective

Transformative agreements (TAs) are useful tools to accelerate the growth in open access (OA) for small publishers with limited resources. The Royal Society, the Microbiology Society and the Geological Society observe an uptake in OA output with the increase in demand for TAs. While TA models differ across publishers, successful and sustainable models are characterized by transparency in pricing and data, simplicity, equitability and above all a transformation objective of achieving full OA. Collaboration with institutions and consortia is key to realizing mutual goals and managing the agreement and implementation of complex arrangements with limited resources.

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Publishing Industry
Nature Masterclasses online training made free to access for researchers in lower income countries

Springer Nature has made Nature Masterclasses on-demand online training content free to access for researchers in lower income countries through Research4Life.

Nature Masterclasses offers highly targeted courses designed to enhance the skills and boost the confidence of early career researchers, with over 60,000 researchers globally having benefited from the platform to date. The world-class training is delivered by editors from across the Nature Portfolio of journals as well as experienced researchers, funders and professionals via a subscription. The full list of countries that will be able to access all Nature Masterclasses Online content for free can be found on the Research4Life website.

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Scholarly Communication
CCSD: publication of the activity report

The twenty years of HAL (Hyper Article en ligne, a French open repository) and the setting up of the Assembly of Partners are the events in 2021 to be remembered about the Centre pour la Comunication Scientifique Directe (CCSD)’services. Its activity report is online. The year was of course marked by the celebration of 20 years of HAL. It was an opportunity to assess how far CCSD has come and to outline future prospects with the key parties involved in its creation and development.

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Usage: the missing measure of impact

Tasha Mellins-Cohen, project director at COUNTER, argues that COUNTER reports have an integral role to play in the wider scholarly communication system, vital to researchers, institutions, funders, and publishers as one of a suite of metrics demonstrating the impact of research, credible to all parties, and responsive to changing community needs.

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IFLA ISBD Review Group announces the release of the 2021 Update to the 2011 Consolidated Edition of the ISBD

The 2021 Update to the 2011 Consolidated Edition of the ISBD is the first release since the publication of the 2011 Consolidated Edition of the ISBD. It extends the coverage of ISBD to a larger array of resources, optimizes its ability for granular description, clarifies and develops some of the elements, and brings more organization and refinements into the description of some types of resources. Its development brings together the energies and expertise of senior members of the ISBD Review Group and external experts from specialized associations and learned societies. Mikael Wetterstöm, as Metadata expert at ISSN International Centre, participated in the Manifestation Task Force. Notably, the 2021 Update clarifies title changes for serials, multipart monographic and integrating resources, and changes in the edition statement.

You can download the official edition of the 2021 Update.

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La Biblioteca Nacional del Perú crea Grupo RDA Perú para implementar estándares de catalogación internacional en bibliotecas del país

La Biblioteca Nacional del Perú (BNP) creó el Grupo RDA Perú con el fin de implementar el estándar internacional de catalogación RDA en las bibliotecas del país y lo anunció esta mañana en un evento presencial y virtual, que contó con la participación de Fabiola Vergara, jefa institucional del organismo; y Catalina Zavala, directora de la Dirección de Gestión de las Colecciones de la BNP. “El Grupo RDA Perú es el resultado del trabajo colaborativo entre los usuarios actuales y potenciales de RDA, con la finalidad de proporcionar la asistencia técnica para la implementación del nuevo estándar en todas las regiones del país, así como promover el estudio y la investigación de las RDA”, dice Catalina Zavala.

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June 2022 RDA Toolkit Release

A new release of RDA Toolkit was posted on June 22, 2022. It included updates to both the English and Finnish versions of RDA. The changes made to the English text of RDA for this release were almost entirely editorial (correcting typos and other minor corrections). Policy statements from the Library of Congress – Program for Cooperative Cataloging, the British Library and Music Library Association Best Practices were also updated. The Finnish translation of RDA was updated to make it current with the March 2022 release of English RDA. Read more about the release in the June 2022 Release Notes.

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LIBER Annual Conference 2022 – Odense, Denmark, 6-8 July 2022

The 51st LIBER annual conference will take place in Odense, Denmark, from 6-8 July 2022.

The full programme is announced. Registration is closed.

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IFLA World Library & Information Congress (WLIC) 2022

The 87th IFLA World Library & Information Congress (WLIC) will take place in Dublin, Ireland, from 26-20 July 2022. The detailed programme is now available.

Follow IFLA WLIC in Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned, and don’t miss any #wlic2022 news!

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iPres 2022, Glasgow and online, 12-16 September 2022

iPres brings together information scientists, students, researchers, archivists, librarians, service providers, software developers and other experts to share cutting edge research and innovative practice across a wide variety of topics in digital preservation, from theory to implementation, from local to global, from industry, academia and all across the public sector. 2022 marks the 20th year of the Digital Preservation Coalition’s collaborative vision for the digital preservation community. The Indicative Program of the 18th International Conference on Digital Preservation is announced.

Register now to attend the event in Glasgow or online.

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BIBFRAME June 2022 Update Forum

With the target date for the Library of Congress’s (LC) BIBFRAME 100 coming this fall, when most of LC’s cataloging staff will create descriptions in LC’s BIBFRAME system with MARC records created via conversion to MARC, this update forum will highlight some of the developments that could affect users of LC data.

Monday June 27, 2022, 1:00 – 2:00 pm (ET) / 10:00 – 11:00 am (PT)

This event will be held during the ALA Annual Conference.

Click to access program in Zoom(The presentation will be recorded)

Meeting ID: 160 327 6570
Passcode: 576692

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