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ISSN Newsletter n° 109 - July-August 2022
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Participation of the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Mostar summer fest 2022 with an exhibition “From the Mostar Periodicals: 1876-1918”

The National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina is proud to announce its participation in the program of this year’s Mostar summer fest 2022 with the exhibition “From Mostar periodicals 1876-1918” curated by Anja Mastilović, Head of the Periodicals Department and the Curator of the Collection of Old Periodicals in NULB&H. The exhibition was officially opened by the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, Rešid Hadžović, and the assistant to the Federal Minister of Education and Science, Jasmin Branković, and the Director of the Museum of Herzegovina, Asim Krhan. Also, the Head of the procurement, processing, periodicals and official publications sector of the NULBBIH, Adisa Žero, on behalf of the Director of the NULBBIH, Dr. Ismet Ovčina, especially welcomed all those present and emphasized the importance of the exhibited material.

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Ms Jasenka Zajec: 30 years in the ISSN Network

Director of the Croatian Institute for Standards Igor Božićević and librarian advisor of the National and University Libraries in Zagreb Jasenka Zajec.

Ms Jasenka Zajec, library consultant for International Cooperation, member of the ISSN Governing Board for many years and first Director of ISSN Centre for Croatia, is retiring.

Ms Zajec has actively participated in all segments of ISSN Network, supporting and promoting the use of ISSN for many years. Firstly, as a founder and Director of ISSN Centre for Croatia from 1992 to 2011, and then as a member of the governing board from 1996 and Vice-President in two mandates (2000 to 2004); also she has been a President of the National TC 46 Standards Committee from 1997 and a member of many other working groups and projects.

2022 is the 30th anniversary of both the ISSN Centre for Croatia and the ISBN Agency, and marks also the 5th anniversary of the Croatian DOI Agency that all joined together in 2016 to construct an identifiers’ workflow of the Bibliography Department of National and University Library in Zagreb.

We would like to thank Ms Jasenka Zajec for her peerless performance during these past years, and congratulate her on her retirement. The years she worked here have been marked by unsurpassed efficiency and excellence.


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Does a serial by any other name smell just as sweet?

One of the most popular ways for researchers to filter their search results is by publication type. An ISSN International Centre  proposal was passed by the MARC Advisory Committee in January 2021 to include additional types of continuing resources defined for the control field (tag 008 position 21) to reflect the full scope of continuing resources covered by ISO 3297:2020. Three code definitions were revised, and six new codes were added. The ISSN Portal now includes these codes, and official network-wide adoption in the 93 national centres is ongoing. Many ISSN national centres started using the codes immediately after their endorsement using their own local systems. So it seems serials’ metadata experts around the world do appreciate this full bouquet of options to specify the type of continuing resource.


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ISSN International Centre @ IFLA WLIC 2022 (26-29 July, Dublin, Ireland)

The ISSN International Centre will exhibit at Booth n°A106 during the 87th World Library Information Congress.

The ISSN International Centre will give a presentation entitled Identifying OA journals: A Core Business of the ISSN Network at the Expo Pavilion on July 26th, 2022 (12:00 to 12:45IST). Our director, Dr Gaëlle Béquet, will also give the keynote speech at Session 144 International Standards for a Digital World on July 29 11:15IST.

The full program is available here:

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Digital preservation
PKP Releases Its 2021 Annual Report

The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) released its 2021 Annual Report on June 28th, 2022. The report, covering the fiscal year 2021 to March 31st, touches on all the year’s highlights in PKP’s ongoing efforts to expand public access to research and scholarship.

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Boasnian library journal “Bosniaca” archived in the PKP network for the preservation of magazines

Bosniaca is the journal of the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is published annually and includes original professional and scientific works in library science as well as systematized practices for the management of collections. It is available in English and indexed in DOAJ, Web of Science, EBSCO, ErihPlus, Slavic Humanities Index, Index Copernicus, ICI Journals Master List, C.E.E.O.L. (Central and Eastern European Online Library), Hrčak – the central portal of Croatian scientific journals, KoBSON – the Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition. The journal is now archived in PKP (Public Knowledge Project), a network for the digital preservation of OJS journals. This is a significant step in the further development of the magazine and a way to preserve the magazine for future generations of librarians, information and related experts.

Look at Bosniaca’s ISSN record and see the archival status in Keepers Registry.


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HathiTrust Metadata Quality Improvement Project Now Underway

One recommendation from the Community Metadata Strategy Task Force is to provide support for member libraries to improve metadata quality. The Metadata Quality Improvement Project kicked off this past month with a cohort of seven pilot libraries. Each of the participating member libraries will focus on a specific project within their own library and re-submit remediated content to HathiTrust. In addition to improving the overall quality of the HathiTrust collection, the program supports HathiTrust members’ diverse internal projects, initiatives, and goals.

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Community Consultation for COUNTER Release 5.1

First released in 2017, the COUNTER Code of Practice (CoP) now in Release 5, incorporates the concept of continuous maintenance. Last year, COUNTER’s volunteer teams, led by the Technical Advisory Group, have been working on a more significant update to the Code of Practice designed to better facilitate Open Access reporting, among other matters, and we’re now opening our work up to community consultation.

The full consultation can be downloaded as a Consultation document and is also available on GitHub.

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The Future of Libraries report

This report explores the challenges, new developments and exciting opportunities for libraries in the future — reimagining the role of librarians as community leaders. PressReader, a platform of newspapers and magazines, first explored this topic in 2019 in this report. The goal is to analyse what has changed since then, what remains consistent and what lies ahead for library teams in 2022 and beyond. This report results from 6 experts’ insights based on the six main themes that emerged from these conversations. These insights were cross-referenced with a survey of over 400 library professionals around the world, about the challenges and strategies they’re implementing to tackle them.

Read also this article The evolving role of librarians: how is library leadership changing?

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Print Redux?

The pandemic experience underscores that print collections still are valued resources. Their use may change thanks to virtual environments,  but the importance of the library’s print collection will not. As library staff prepare to shape the New Model Library that works best for them, it probably is safe to say that the print collection will continue to have a significant role in library futures.

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Open Science
La Referencia firma acuerdo de cooperación con Redalyc

El Sistema de Información Científica Redalyc (México), la Red Federada de Repositorios Institucionales de Publicaciones Científicas LA Referencia y la Cooperación Latinoamericana de Redes Avanzadas, RedCLARA, (Uruguay) firmaron un acuerdo para constituir un marco general de colaboración para el establecimiento de los principios de implementación de apertura, consenso, inclusión y armonización, enfoque comunitario, sin fines de lucro, para la consolidación de un Ecosistema Regional de Ciencia Abierta para la interoperabilidad la vía verde y la vía dorada del Acceso Abierto que mejore la visibilidad y contribuya a nuevas formas de evaluación científica.

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Open Access
Plan S Journal Comparison Service: open for publishers to register and deposit price and service data

cOAlition S released the Journal Comparison Service (JCS), a secure, free and long-anticipated digital service, that aims to shed light on publishing fees and services. By depositing price and service data through the JCS, publishers can communicate the nature and price of their services in a transparent, practical, and insightful way. Such information will allow libraries, library consortia, and funders to understand better how the fees they pay are commensurate with the publication services they receive.

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COAR awarded grant for Notify Project

The Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) has been awarded a US$4 million grant from Arcadia for the COAR Notify Project. This project aims at developing and implementing a standard protocol for connecting content in distributed repository networks with peer reviews and assessments in external services, using linked data notifications. The funding from Arcadia will allow COAR to accelerate and expand current project activities, which have been underway since January 2021. “The Notify Project will reduce the so-called green/gold distinction by connecting repository contents with external review services”, says Kathleen Shearer, Executive Director of COAR.

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Revistas confiables vs. revistas espurias

En el marco del panel académico que sucedió a la presentación del nuevo portal de Latindex, la maestra Teresa Abejón del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) de España, hizo una interesante exposición de la aparición de revistas espurias  frente al establecido campo de las revistas confiables y de prestigio académico. Presentó el resultado de un grupo de trabajo que redactó y publicó la Guía para editores sobre revistas espurias. Expliando las recomendaciones para editores contenidas en el informe del IAP Lucha contra las revistas y los congresos académicos depredadores, anunció que existe un espectro de comportamientos, por lo que es necesaria una comprobación meticulosa de la revista, la composición del cuerpo editorial y la revisión por pares. Vease el video de la presentación.


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Publishing Industry
Journal Citation Reports 2022 published by Clarivate

Clarivate has released the 2022 update to its annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The annual JCR release helps the research community to evaluate the world’s high-quality academic journals using a range of indicators, descriptive data and visualisations. The reports are used by academic publishers across the globe to understand the scholarly impact of their journals relative to their field and promote them to the research community. 

The JCR is based on 2021 data compiled from the Web of Science Core Collection, a collection of journals, books and conference proceedings in the world’s largest publisher-neutral global citation database.

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Why do journals discontinue? A study of Australian ceased journals

Little is known about why journals discontinue despite its significant implications. We present an analysis of 140 Australian journals that ceased from 2011 to mid-2021 and present the results of a survey of editors of 53 of them. The survey showed that funding was an important reason for discontinuation, and lack of quality submission and lack of support from the owners of the journal also played a role. A fifth of journals indicated that they did not have a plan for the preservation of articles at the time of publication and the current availability of the content of ceased journals appeared to be sub-optimal in many cases with reliance on the website of ceased journals or web-archive platforms.

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Scholarly Communication
China plans sweeping makeover of academic journals to raise the profile and influence of domestic scientific research

China plans a sweeping makeover of mainland academic journals, turning them into world-class organs similar to British weekly Nature and peer-reviewed US publication Science, to raise the profile and influence of domestic scientific research. The initiative was announced at a press conference co-hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST), a government-affiliated organization that serves local scientists, to follow up on the country’s journal of excellence plan drawn up in 2019.

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New Survey of Society and University Publishers: The state of journal production and access

Scholastica has launched its “State of Journal Production and Access” survey of independent scholarly society and university publishers.  The survey explores how these publishers are approaching core aspects of journal production and access. Questions span: article production processes & formats; metadata tagging standards & priorities, OA journal development approaches & funding models, subscription & hybrid access plans. The report will build off of the first survey on journal production and access run in 2020. Responses will be accepted until the 25th of August 2022. Click here to take the survey.

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NISO vision interview with CORE’s Petr Knoth on the role of text mining in scholarly communication

This interview with Petr Knoth, Senior Research Fellow in Text and Data Mining at the Open University and Head of CORE , served as the opening segment of the NISO Hot Topic virtual conference, Text and Data Mining, held on May 25, 2022. Todd Carpenter spoke at length with Knoth about the many ways in which text and data mining impacts the present as well as the future. They discussed just how innovative this technology can be for the needs of researchers in the information community. The recording is available at Vision Interview with Petr Knoth

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Payment and progress in peer review

This article, one of three posts published in April 2022 and in July 2022, raises important issues about the peer review process, such as the under-representation of female reviewers, and reviewers from low-income countries. The authors of these 3 posts suggest that payment for reviews should be trialed to address these issues. Hilary Humphreys expresses his views.

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Les autorités étoilées : partageons nos recettes pour des données de qualité !

Organisée le mardi  24 mai 2022, la  Journée d’étude « Les autorités étoilées » consacrée aux actions d’enrichissement pour la qualité des données d’autorité a remporté un franc succès avec 210 inscrits ayant participé aux échanges. Cette Journée d’étude en ligne visait plusieurs objectifs :

  • partage de méthodes de travail pour améliorer la qualité des données
  • retours d’expérience sur quelques réalisations menées par des Correspondants Autorités
  • échanges autour de collaborations possibles avec les autres acteurs du signalement

Les enregistrements des présentations sont en ligne et consultables sur le site de l’Abes.

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Moving Ahead with the UK National PID Strategy

Over the past few years, Jisc has been driving conversations about the need for a UK national strategy for persistent identifiers (PID), in response to Professor Adam Tickell’s 2018 advice to the UK government on open access to research. This has included commissioning a report from Josh Brown which recommended a national approach with five major components. Jisc subsequently worked with Josh and the MoreBrains Cooperative to take these recommendations forward. It’s now time to move ahead with the next stage of the UK national PID strategy.

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The RDA Registry opens up

The March 2022 release of RDA Toolkit was accompanied by an upgrade to the RDA Registry. This article describes the Registry upgrade in more detail. The RDA Registry is an interface to the RDA Vocabularies, including the RDA element sets and value vocabularies together with alignments and mappings to related bibliographic standards. The Registry provides free downloads of RDA Vocabularies data files in several different formats for use by developers. The Registry also offers open access to entity, element, and concept definitions and scope notes without the need for a subscription to RDA Toolkit.

See pp. 34-36 of IFLA Metadata Newsletter, vol. 8, n° 1, June 2022

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Author identity management in the book chain

Out of a series of posts reporting back from conversations on transitioning to the next generation of metadata in Spain, this one focuses on author identification in the trade book supply chain (A Spanish translation is available here). To kick off the session, Andrew MacEwan gave an update on the British Library’s collaboration with publishers in the UK to promote use of ISNI identifiers in the upstream supply chain. This triggered a fruitful discussion in which the participants of the round table agreed that author identity management is a crucial part of the metadata supply chain of trade books. The main take-away was a raised awareness of the role ISNI can play to eliminate duplication and automate the process.

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Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) proceedings are online

The last Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL) took place in Cologne, Germany, 20 – 24 June 2022. The proceedings are online.

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ALPSP annual conference and awards
banner ALPSP 50 years

ALPSP is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022 and has planned a range of activities throughout the year. Find out how you can get involved.

ALPSP is the international trade association which supports and represents not-for-profit organizations that publish scholarly and professional content, and those that work with them. ALPSP has nearly 300 member organizations across 30 countries.

The ALPSP Annual Conference and Awards will be held at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly Hotel, Manchester, UK from 14-16 September 2022.

Please register.

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