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ISSN Newsletter n° 122 - October 2023
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The ISSN International Centre and its Network: A brief Introduction

A paper about the ISSN Network has just been published by Access, the official journal of the Nepal Library Association, Kathmandu. This journal seeks to publish articles to disseminate information pertaining to Libraries, Library and Information Science and Library professionalism. Check it here pp. 170-174:

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Abes et Mir@bel : retours sur le chantier d’attribution de n°ISSN pour les revues en accès libre
Visuel Abes Mirabel ISSN

Début 2022,  en s’appuyant sur les données de la base Mir@bel et sur la Base de Connaissance BACON, un corpus d’environ 700 titres étrangers en libre accès ne possédant pas d’eISSN était identifié.

Ce chantier, qui vise à améliorer l’identification des ressources en libre accès, et éventuellement de leur généalogie, en demandant leur numérotation ISSN, concerne un large périmètre, soit 88 pays et 75 Centres Nationaux différents. Un an et demi après son lancement, voici un bilan de l’avancée de ce chantier au long cours.

At the beginning of 2022, using data from the Mir@bel database and the BACON Knowledge Base, a corpus of around 700 international open access titles that do not have an eISSN was identified.

This project, which aims to improve the identification of open access resources, and possibly their genealogy, by requesting their ISSN assignment, covers a wide area, i.e. 88 countries and 75 different ISSN National Centres. A year and a half after its launch, here is a progress report on this long-term project.

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IBICT will present the Pinakes Project on November 28th, 2023
Projeto Pinakes: modernização dos serviços bibliográficos tradicionais do Ibict e a construção de suas infraestruturas informacionais e tecnológicas

The Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (Ibict), that hosts ISSN Brazil, will present the Pinakes Project on November 28th, from 9am to 12pm. Pinakes Project aims at modernizing Ibict’s traditional bibliographic services and building its information and technological infrastructure. This event is free and open to the public. It will take place in the Auditorium of the Socioeconomic Center of the UFSC.

Registrations should be made at


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Webinar ISSNs and eISSNs – what you need to know
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Thanks to the African Journals On Line (AJOL) team for posting the video of the webinar about ISSNs and eISSNs. If you wish to learn why ISSN are important for your publications, go ahead and watch it. The webinar lasts one hour and it is worth your time!

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Submit.Retrieve.Reuse has just been launched
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ISSN IC @ 2023 Charleston Library Conference

The 2023 Charleston Conference will be held both in person (Nov. 6 – 10) and online (Nov. 27 – Dec. 1).

On Nov. 9, Gaelle Bequet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, and Michelle Polchow, Electronic Resource Librarian at University of California, Davis, will give their presentation about Submit.Retrieve.Reuse, the new service that helps libraries and content providers to check their journal metadata. Agenda and registration available here :

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The 48th ISSN Centres Directors’ Meeting is taking place in Brussels, Belgium (23-26 October 2023)

The 48th ISSN Centre Directors’ Meeting is being held from October 23-26, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium, at the kind invitation of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek/Bibliothèque royale (KBR).

The ISSN International Centre, located in Paris, France, has put together a dense agenda of presentations that will be attended by 60 participants from various continents.

This annual meeting of ISSN National Centre Directors is an opportunity for colleagues from ISSN Network Member Countries to exchange information on their activities, foster cooperation and participate in workshops.

Training will be provided by the ISSN International Centre team in the use of its up-to-date metadata production tool which has been upgraded regularly since its launch in June 2022. This tool is the production base underlying the ISSN portal, the global index for continuing resources (

A warm welcome to all delegates of the ISSN Network !

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Focus on ISSN Germany

Christian Schütz, Head of Collection Development and Media Acquisition, Director of the German ISSN Centre, explains the missions of the German ISSN centre, the scope of an ISSN assignment, the notion of key title and the practical usage of an ISSN.

The German National Library’s diverse areas of responsibility also include the national ISSN centre for Germany. If you need an ISSN for a continuing resource published in Germany, then the German centre is responsible. A detailed overview of all publications that can receive an ISSN can be found on the information pages of the national ISSN center for Germany. The assigned ISSN is documented in the ISSN portal, the journal database and the catalog of the German National Library together with a bibliographic description. We therefore recommend checking an ISSN in the DNB catalog: or the ISSN portal, where you can find the current bibliographic description.

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Digital preservation
What is the carbon footprint of large-scale global digital preservation?

At  iPRES 2023, Matthew Addis, Chief Technology Officer at Arkivum, raised the issue of environmental sustainability and climate change, and notably the interplay between doing digital preservation at ever larger scales and the environmental impact that this can have. He also alerted about climate change being surely an existential threat to our current digital memory.

See the panel’s suggestions to address the deluge of data and the many ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

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The DNB web archive

Since 2012, the German National Library has been collecting websites in addition to e-books, printed works and much more. Of course, these are stored digitally in DNB’s web archive. A snapshot of the website is created at a specified time using a crawler and recorded in the DNB catalog. However, this journey of discovery is largely limited to the DNB’s premises in Leipzig or Frankfurt am Main – for copyright reasons. The DNB is not only active through cooperation at the regional level, they also work on web archiving in the international context as a representative of Germany.

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Internet Archive Celebrates Research and Research Libraries at Annual Gathering

At this year’s annual celebration in San Francisco, the Internet Archive team showcased its innovative projects and rallied supporters around its mission of “Universal Access to All Knowledge.”

Watch the full live stream of the celebration to learn how the Internet Archive is using AI to build new capabilities into libraries, and how students and scholars all over the world use the Archive’s’ petabytes of data to inform their own research.

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La Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg propose un nouveau service : l’exploration de ses archives avec ChatGPT

La Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg (BnL) se lance dans l’intelligence artificielle et vient de signer un partenariat avec ChatGPT. Le robot conversationnel développé par OpenAI permet aujourd’hui à ses usagers d’explorer ses archives numérisées.  Capable de comprendre le français, l’allemand et l’anglais, il donne des réponses précises et argumentées sur des articles de presse historiques.

Pour en savoir plus, consultez le dossier de presse.

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Open Science
Keeping science open? Current challenges in the day-to-day reality of universities

The objective of the published paper ‘Keeping science open?’ is threefold, to:

  1. provide more background to the discourse ‘as open as possible and as restricted as necessary’;
  2. explore what it means for day-to-day operations at universities of S&T to be ‘as open as possible and as restricted as necessary’;
  3. provide recommendations to keep science open in this rapidly evolving context.

The lead author of the paper, Irna van der Molen (University of Twente), has further elaborated on some key messages in a viewpoint article published on 19 October in ScienceBusiness.

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Open Access
Celebrating 20,000 journals in DOAJ: the value (and cost) of maintaining trust in scholarly publishing

The DOAJ team is happy to share a significant milestone: the Directory of Open Access Journals now proudly lists 20,000 journals! For 20 years, DOAJ has been at the forefront of advocating for open access and facilitating access to reliable academic research. For the DOAJ team, this milestone reflects the tremendous growth of the open access movement and their commitment to transparency and best practice in journal publishing. As the number of journals increases, so does the potential for sharing knowledge, connecting researchers, and advancing science and scholarship.

See also DOAJ’s new support model for libraries.

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Consulting the research community on cOAlition S’s “Towards Responsible Publishing” proposal: tender results

cOAlition S has announced the successful completion of the tender process for selecting a contractor to facilitate the consultation with the research community regarding the ‘Towards Responsible Publishing’ proposal. The tender has been awarded to Research Consulting Limited, a UK-based specialist consultancy firm focused on research and scholarly communication.

The outcomes of this consultation, and the consequent recommendations from the consulting team, expected in spring 2024, will help refine the proposal to successfully deliver an open, scholar-led communication ecosystem that removes barriers to participation for the benefit of science and society.

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JUSTICE and Elsevier forge transformative agreement for Japanese research institutions

Japan Alliance of University Library Consortia for E-Resources (JUSTICE) and Elsevier have established a transformative agreement for advancing global access to Japan’s scholarly publications through open-access publishing.

The three-year agreement is effective from 2024 to 2026 and is the largest of its kind to date in Japan and Asia. It aims to openly share and amplify Japan’s world-class research for the benefit of society. Moreover, the read-and-publish agreement will be made available through JUSTICE to Japanese universities.

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Publishing Industry
De Gruyter and Brill to create leading academic publisher in the Humanities

Brill, a leading international academic publisher in the Humanities, Social Sciences, International Law and Biology founded in 1683, and De Gruyter jointly announce that they have reached a conditional agreement on a recommended all-cash public offer to be made by De Gruyter. The transaction creates the leading academic publisher in the Humanities and presents a unique opportunity to accelerate organic growth and achieve necessary scale.

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Global Publishing and Journalism Organizations Unite to Release Comprehensive Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

STM joined 26 organizations representing thousands of creative professionals around the world, including the academic publishing sector, news, entertainment, magazine, and book publishing companies, to release Global Principles for Artificial Intelligence (AI). A first of their kind, these pioneering Global Principles provide guidance for the development, deployment, and regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems and applications to ensure business opportunities and innovation can thrive within an ethical and accountable framework. The Global Principles for AI are aimed at ensuring publishers’ continued ability to create and disseminate quality content, while facilitating innovation and the responsible development of trustworthy AI systems.

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Research Integrity Tool launched by STM Integrity Hub

STM Solutions has announced the launch of a pilot program to detect duplicate submissions to scholarly publications, which is against publisher policies and often indicates the work of paper mills, which produce and sell fraudulent research. This workflow, part of the STM Integrity Hub, allows to detect duplicate submissions across different journals, publishers, and submission systems while upholding robust confidentiality and privacy standards. IEEE, IOP Publishing, ACS Publications, Taylor & Francis, Sage, and PeerJ are among the publishers who have already signed on.

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Annual Reviews acquires Charleston Hub

Nonprofit publisher Annual Reviews announced that it has acquired Charleston Hub, home of the Charleston Conference, the premier international library event, and Against The Grain, the journal connecting publishers, vendors, and librarians. Librarian and entrepreneur Katina Strauch organized the first Charleston Conference in 1980, with just 20 people in attendance. Over the years, the event has expanded into ’something of an institution in the library world.’ In 2020, Charleston Hub was created to bring together the various websites associated with the conference.

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Scholarly Communication
NISO’s Communication of Retractions, Removals, and Expressions of Concern (CREC) Draft Recommended Practice Now Open for Public Comment

The Recommended Practice is the product of a working group made up of cross-industry stakeholders formed in spring 2022. The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation generously provided funding for this Working Group as well as for research at the University of Illinois’ Reducing the Inadvertent Spread of Retracted Science (RISRS) project, which has informed Working Group deliberations and decisions.

The draft Recommended Practice, with commenting capability, is available at from October 18 to December 2. NISO also hosted a recent public webinar discussing the work and the public comment period and has made its recording available.

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Lancement du site web RDA-FR

Initié en 2015, le projet de transposer le code RDA aux pratiques et besoins des bibliothèques françaises, a produit à ce jour près de 1200 pages de documentation (définitions, règles , exemples, référentiels, etc.).

Ce nouvel outil se substitue en partie au contenu de la rubrique Code RDA-FR sur le site du programme national Transition bibliographique. Parmi les grandes améliorations, notons en particulier : le moteur de recherche, la citabilité des parties et sous-parties à travers leur numérotation cliquable, les référentiels téléchargeables.

Pour en savoir plus, reportez-vous à l’actualité 5 questions sur le site RDA-FR.

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Penn State University Libraries to observe open access week with a virtual panel discussion on October 24, 2023

Open Access Week 2023

Penn State University Libraries will participate in the 16th annual global observance of Open Access Week with a virtual panel discussion at noon on October 24. Panelists will discuss this year’s theme, Community Over Commercialization, in the context of University Libraries’ initiatives that support research and teaching. The session is free and will be held virtually on Zoom; registration is required to attend.

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ICSTI 2023 annual conference & General assembly, November 28th
ICSTI Connections

The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI)’s next Annual Conference/General Assembly will be held virtually on November 28th, 2023. The event will comprise:

–  a workshop featuring speakers on topics in AI–doubled in the morning and afternoon (CET) to allow attendance from U.S. and Asia,

–  a slot for member-to-member presentations,

–  and the General Assembly taking place around noon (CET).

If you are interested in making a member-to-member presentation, please contact Jan Brase, ICSTI President, and Addie Cox, ICSTI Executive Manager (with copy to the ICSTI Secretariat).

Further details and official invitation with link to register will be shared soon.


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