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ISSN Newsletter n° 123 - November 2023
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ISSN International Centre @ CNI Fall 2023 Membership Meeting (Washington D.C., December 11-12, 2023)

Jefferson Bailey, Director, Archiving & Data Services, Internet Archive, and Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, will give a joint presentation on the multi-custodial approach to digital preservation of scholarship. Topics will include the Internet Archive Scholar project, which aims to build a comprehensive collection of open-access academic publications published on the web whose preservation is shared by several organizations, and the Keepers Registry, which indexes the titles of digital journals archived by 14 partner agencies. The full program is available.

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Charleston Library Conference 2023 soon online! (November 27 – December 1)

Presentations from the Charleston Conference have been recorded and will be broadcast online from November 27. The presentation on Keepers Registry and the Submit.Retrieve.Reuse service will be broadcast on November 30 at 14.40 EST, 20.40 CET. This will be followed by a Q&A session with Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Center, and Michelle Polchow, Electronic Resource Librarian at the University of California Davis. For further information, visit

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Presentation of Keepers Registry at the Journées de la Documentation en Mathématiques (November 21, 2023, online)

The Réseau National des Bibliothèques de Mathématiques (RNBM), France, is organizing the Journées de la Documentation Mathématique (Mathematical Documentation Days) from November 20 to 24, 2023, on the theme of preservation and persistent access to documentation for mathematical research. The presentation of Keepers Registry and the Submit.Retrieve.Reuse service is scheduled on November 21 at 16.00 CET. Presentations by ZBW – Leibniz Information Center for Economics and LOCKSS/CLOCKSS, two archiving agencies partnering with Keepers Registry, will follow. The full program is available.

Le Réseau National des Bibliothèques de mathématiques (RNBM) organise du 20 au 24 novembre 2023 les Journées de la Documentation mathématique sur le thème de la conservation et de l’accès pérenne à la documentation pour la recherche en mathématiques. La présentation de Keepers Registry et du service Submit.Retrieve.Reuse est programmée le mardi 21 novembre à 16.00 CET. Cette présentation sera suivie de celle de la ZBW – Leibniz Information Center for Economics et de celle de LOCKSS/CLOCKSS, deux agences d’archivage partenaires de Keepers Registry. Le programme complet est disponible.

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Chantier d’attribution d’ISSN par le Centre ISSN France / ISSN assignment by ISSN France

Parallèlement au chantier d’attribution d’ISSN mené par l’Agence bibliographique de l’enseignement supérieur (Abes) et concernant les titres étrangers, le Centre ISSN France traite les titres électroniques français en libre accès (possédant un ISSN imprimé mais pas d’ISSN électronique) ainsi que les titres français sans ISSN.
L’objectif de l’Abes et du Centre ISSN France reste commun : améliorer le référencement des titres de Mir@bel.
En 18 mois, le Centre ISSN France a permis à lui seul l’ajout de 705 ISSN.
Pour mémoire vous pouvez consulter la captation vidéo de la présentation Centre ISSN France, retour d’expérience d’un partenaire particulier – (BnF).

While the French Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education (Abes) is assigning ISSNs for foreign titles, the ISSN Centre France is processing French open access electronic titles (with a printed ISSN but no electronic ISSN) and French titles without an ISSN.
The aim of Abes and ISSN France remains the same: to improve the referencing of Mir@bel titles.
In 18 months, the Centre ISSN France alone has added 705 ISSNs.
For the record, you can watch the video of the presentation Centre ISSN France, feedback from a special partner – (BnF).

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Digital preservation
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) libraries’ three-tier digital preservation strategy
The iconic entrance foyer of the Simone Veil Humanities Library, Université libre de Bruxelles (Credits: Marie Ozanne)


ULB’s mission is to provide access to the digital scholarly collections to which they subscribe, but also guarantee a long term access to these resources. To meet this challenge, the ULB Libraries have adopted a digital preservation strategy based on three pillar solutions:

Support for CLOCKSS,

Membership in the Global LOCKSS Network (GLN),

Creating SAFE PLNb to preserve their own digital resources.

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Enhancing and Expanding Research Services at the Library of Congress

For nearly 20 years, Ithaka S+R has partnered with libraries to navigate change, measure impact, and better serve their users. Ithaka S+R is announcing a new project with the Library of Congress that aims to assess how researchers are engaging with the library’s services and collections at the Capitol Hill campus, as well as to expand its reach to new and diverse patrons. Through mixed-methods research, Ithaka S+R will collect user experience data to help the library expand and enhance the discoverability, use, and scope of its services.


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BNP: declaran Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación 54 volúmenes del Diario Oficial El Peruano

Tras un trabajo conjunto entre la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú (BNP) y Editora Perú, el Ministerio de Cultura (Mincul) declaró Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación 54 volúmenes facticios (impresos diversos) del Diario Oficial El Peruano, correspondientes al periodo comprendido desde 1868 hasta 1900. Estos volúmenes forman parte de la colección más completa del Diario Oficial El Peruano. La Biblioteca Nacional inscribirá estos ejemplares en el Registro Nacional de Material Bibliográfico y coordinará con Editora Perú, las acciones necesarias para la protección, conservación y difusión de los 54 volúmenes.

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Proceedings of IFLA ARL Webinar: “Open science policies and best practices” available now!

The proceedings of IFLA Academic and Research Libraries (ARL) Section’s latest Webinar Series iteration (11 October 2023) titled Open science policies and best practices in academic and research libraries are now available.

Programme and background to the webinar is also available.



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18th ASEAN University Network Inter-Library Online (AUNILO) Meeting in Malaysia
Aucune description de photo disponible.

The Libraries of the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) University Network (AUNILO), serves as a platform for discussing strategies and sharing experiences in navigating the evolving landscape of education. The 18th AUNILO Meeting, which took place in August 2023, gathered a wide range of participating countries. The theme for the meeting was Co-Creating the Future of Libraries: Empowering Academic Librarians for Innovation and Impact.

This meeting brought to light the resilience, innovation and collaboration that defines academic libraries across the ASEAN member universities. It served as a testament to the continuous commitment of academic librarians in embracing change, promoting collaboration, and advancing their institutions’ academic goals.

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Open Science
Open Science Fair 2023: look at the presentations and recordings

Open Science Fair aims to critically showcase the elements required for the transition to Open Science.

This bianual international conference aims to bring together and empower open science communities and services; to identify common practices related to open science; to see what are the best synergies to deliver and operate services that work for many; and to bring experiences from all around the world and learn from each other.

OSFAIR2023 was organized as an initiative of OpenAIRE and co-organized with FECYT, from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. All presentations and plenary recordings are now available.

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Tanzania: OA repositories and policies making impact

Paul Muneja, Librarian at the University of Dar Es Salaam and EIFL Open Access Coordinator in Tanzania discusses the importance of institutional open access repositories to the research community in Tanzania. Questionning the past and the processes leading to change, he highlights EIFL’s role in driving change and sketches the future plans for open science in his country, based on this paper  Knowledge and practices of open science among scholars and researchers in Tanzania published in 2023.

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CERN-NASA Summit Convenes Open Science Thought Leaders Seeking to Promote Greater Collaboration

More than 100 open science leaders, policymakers, practitioners, and advocates met in Geneva, Switzerland, July 10-14 for a summit sponsored by CERN and NASA to develop strategies for accelerating the adoption of global open science.

On November 1, organizers released a closing statement and call to action for the work going forward.

Members of the SPARC and the Open Research Funders Group (ORFG) teams who were involved in crafting, presenting, and moderating the program say the event was an encouraging sign of the community coming together to advance open science.

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Open Access
SPARC Report Urges Action to Address Concerns with ScienceDirect Data Privacy Practices

SPARC released Navigating Risk in Vendor Data Privacy Practices: An Analysis of Elsevier’s ScienceDirect. The report documents a variety of data privacy practices that directly conflict with library privacy standards, and raises important questions regarding the potential for personal data collected from academic products to be used in the data brokering and surveillance products of RELX’s LexisNexis subsidiary. The report highlights why users and institutions should actively evaluate and address the potential privacy risks as this transition occurs rather than after it is complete.

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The Oligopoly’s Shift to Open Access. How the Big Five Academic Publishers Profit from Article Processing Charges

This study aims to estimate the total amount of article processing charges (APCs) paid to publish open access (OA) in journals controlled by the five large commercial publishers Elsevier, Sage, Springer-Nature, Taylor & Francis and Wiley between 2015 and 2018. Among the five publishers, Springer-Nature made the most revenue from OA ($589.7 million), followed by Elsevier ($221.4 million), Wiley ($114.3 million), Taylor & Francis ($76.8 million) and Sage ($31.6 million). With Elsevier and Wiley making most of APC revenue from hybrid fees and others focusing on gold, different OA strategies could be observed between publishers.

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Publishing Industry
Where next in peer review? Part 1 & 2: COPE commentary

Two events took place in September and October about Peer Review: the Peer Review Week, with a theme of Peer review and the future of publishing and COPE Forum on peer review models. The COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) team is commenting both the reflections made on the topic in a series of 2 posts.

In Part 1, COPE outline some of the problems, solutions, and tools facing peer review. In Part 2, they address perhaps the most lively area of debate on this topic at the moment: the role of artificial intelligence (AI).

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Acquisition marks joining of two independent academic publishers

Global independent academic publisher Sage has acquired IOS Press, an independent publisher founded in Amsterdam in 1987 that specializes in health, life, and computer sciences. With this move, Sage acquires nearly 100 journals and a frontlist of 70 plus books each year covering subjects such as neuroscience, medical informatics, cancer research, artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and the semantic web. The acquisition marks significant growth in Sage’s open access (OA) program with the addition of more than 20 fully OA journals. It also expands core subject areas for Sage, such as psychology and engineering, and marks an investment in new areas such as AI and image processing.

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Scholarly Communication
Managing multilingual and non-English language content in repositories

On October 30, the COAR Task Force on Supporting Multilingualism and non-English Content in Repositories published 15 recommended practices for repositories to support multilingual and non-English content in repositories.  The recommendations identify good practices for repository managers and repository software developers, and focus on the topics of metadata, multilingual keywords, user interfaces, formats, and licences that will improve the visibility, discovery and reuse of repository content in a variety of languages.

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My journal was hijacked: an editor’s experience

Sune Dueholm Müller, professor at the University of Oslo and editor-in-chief, reports his experience, also described in this article, of the hijacking of the Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems.

Hijacked journals are scam websites that impersonate legitimate journals and attempt to take over their brand. A list including hundreds of these fake sites can be found at the Retraction Watch Hijacked Journal Checker. By stealing the brand, web domain, or the serial number used to identify a publication, cybercriminals try to lure researchers into paying for publications.

Read also the methods used to locate or confirm hijacked statuses of journals.

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RDA in German-speaking countries / RDA im deutschsprachigen Raum

As the first standard STA community platform, the future relevant regulations for the German-speaking area were published on 1 August 2023:RDA DACH  (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). This is an adaptation of the international standard  Resource Description & Access (RDA) for the German-speaking area. These regulations will be gradually developed by experts from a wide range of disciplines and supplemented in the coming months. Training for newcomers will follow at a later date.

Take a look at the first applications of the STA platform.

Als erster Standard der STA-Plattform wurde am 1. August das künftig maßgebliche Erschließungsregelwerk für den deutschsprachigen Raum veröffentlicht: RDA DACH. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Adaption des internationalen Standards Resource Description & Access (RDA) für den DACH-Raum. Diese Regelungen werden sukzessive durch Expert innen aus unterschiedlichsten Sparten erarbeitet und in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten ergänzt.

Werfen Sie einen Blick auf die ersten Anwendungen der STA-Plattform.

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BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe 2023

The aim of the BIBFRAME Workshop in Europe is to be a forum for sharing knowledge about the practice of, production with, and planning of BIBFRAME implementation.
The 7th annual meeting took place in hybrid form on September 19 and 20, 2023 at the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR) in Brussels. 82 colleagues took part on site, 400 other colleagues from a total of 59 countries took part online.
Particular attention was paid to the topics of interoperability and convertibility between MARC and BIBFRAME.
For September 2024, the 8th BIBFRAME Workshop is planned to be held at the Finnish National Library in Helsinki.

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Orientation et stratégie commune sur la Transition bibliographique : conclusions du Comité stratégique bibliographique exceptionnel du 18 octobre 2023

Le Comité stratégique des Bibliothèques (CSB) a publié un communiqué  réaffirmant la trajectoire d’ouverture des données bibliographiques françaises et l’intérêt des modèles entités-relations comme IFLA LRM. Le communiqué intègre des éléments de calendrier précis, sur lesquels les agences bibliographiques s’engagent.

Le CSB met également en avant dans son communiqué quelques grands principes, comme :

  •  la continuité de la fourniture de données dans les formats MARC actuels
  • l’importance d’achever rapidement la publication du code RDA-FR en favorisant sa simplification
  • ou l’engagement à assurer la compatibilité pérenne des normes françaises avec les évolutions internationales.
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NASIG 2024 Call for Proposals
NASIG 2024 Badge

NASIG 39th Annual Conference will take place in Spokane, Washington, USA, from June 3 – 7, 2024.

They are calling for workshop ideas and facilitators, as well as for in-person presentations (concurrent sessions).

The submission deadline for in-person presentations (concurrent sessions) is December 1, 2023.

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NASIG Digital Preservation Webinar – 28 November at 12pm (EST)

NASIG (formerly the North American Serials Interest Group, Inc.) will be hosting a webinar, whose theme will be Publishers presesrving publishing. The goal is to showcase steps that scholarly journal publishers take to preserve publications and objects and records related to publishing.

Please register.

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Call for Contributions iPRES 2024, 16, Ghent, Belgium-20 September 2024
iPRES2024 logo

iPRES comes to Ghent and Flanders. Participants are invited to unlock the past, present and future of digital preservation together.

Submissions will open early January, with the following deadlines:

  • 17 March 2024 for papers, panels, tutorials and workshops
  • 15 May 2024 for posters, lightning talks, bake-off demos, games and birds of a feather sessions.
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Journée d’étude annuelle sur l’IA dans les métiers de l’information et de la documentation, 24 novembre 2023, Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France

Le 24 novembre 2023, AFNOR et la BNF, avec le soutien du Ministère de la Culture, organisent leur journée d’étude annuelle. Venez découvrir comment les normes volontaires et l’intelligence artificielle peuvent intervenir dans le quotidien des professionnels de l’information et de la documentation.

La journée co-organisée par l’AFNOR et la BnF, présente un état des lieux de la réflexion dans le domaine de l’information et la documentation, et a vocation à constituer la première étape dans l’appropriation du sujet par nos organisations.

La participation est gratuite mais l’inscription obligatoire jusqu’au 22 novembre 2023.

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