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NISO Publishes Update to Journal Article Tag Suite (JATS) Standard 1.2

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the formal publication of a new update to the JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.96-2019). The purpose of JATS is to define a suite of XML elements and attributes describing the content of metadata and journal articles while using a common format that enables the interchange and exchange of that content. The added elements and modifications made in 2019 allow greater flexibility in existing models while enabling support for emerging publishing practices. The published version of the Standard may be found at  Non-normative and supporting materials, including schemas and Tag Library documents, may be found at:

Persistent identifiers in UKSG Insights March 2019

In their article, the three authors affiliated with ORCID share their view of persistent identifiers (PIDs) as foundational elements in the overall research information infrastructure. PIDs enable entities to be uniquely identified and connected, to create reliable links between them.

ISNI Registration Agency update

Recent months have seen further significant recruitment of new Members and Registration Agencies of  ISNI International Agency (ISNI-IA). This brings the total membership to about 42 organizations and continues to broaden the base of ISNI participation. Many of these registration agencies are national libraries which specialise in registering contributor names from their particular country or region as part of their normal cataloguing processes, and some specialise in a particular industry sector or only register their own identities and business partners. Others are commercial organisations which may charge a fee for assigning an ISNI.

NISO and NFAIS Announce Plans to Merge

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) have announced a proposed combination, designed to better serve their members, during a time of rapid change. The combined association will be more effective and influential within the community of publishers, information distributors, libraries, government agencies, and technology partners who make up the membership.

A Deeper Dive into RDA

At the ALA Midwinter Meeting held in Seattle in January 2019, members of the RDA Steering Committee hosted this three hour event thanks to the Committee on Cataloging: Description and Access. The presentations and subsequent question and answers sessions were recorded, and the recordings have been posted on the RDA YouTube channel.

BIBFRAME Update Forum at ALA Midwinter Meeting 2019

The BIBFRAME Update highlighted expansion activities. Expanding the Library of Congress Pilot 2 during 2019 requires that BIBFRAME be convertible to MARC and the BIBFRAME system be more efficient. Philip Schreur described the exciting expansion that Stanford is leading under a Mellon grant. European activity and the European BIBFRAME Workshop were the focus for Reinhold Heuvelmann from the Deutsche Bibliothek. And OCLC provided an update on their BIBFRAME explorations. The presentations are online.

Designating Open Access and License Information for Remote Online Resources in the MARC 21 Formats

This discussion paper was submitted at the MARC Advisory Committee meeting at the Midwinter meeting of the American Library Association in January 2019. This paper proposes improved ways of indicating open and restricted access, as well as license information, for remote online resources through coordinated changes to the MARC 21 fields 506 (Restrictions on Access Note), 540 (Terms Governing Use and Reproduction Note), and 856 (Electronic Location and Access).