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  N°3 - September 28, 2011 ISSN 2221-8009  
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36th Meeting of Directors of ISSN National Centres in Sarajevo: 3-7 October 2011 Organized by the ISSN International Centre and the National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the 36th Meeting of Directors of ISSN National Centres will be held in Sarajevo, from October 3 to October 7, 2011. 27 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North and South America  will be represented. Discussions, and ballots as well, will address  important topics for the ISSN Community such as : ISSN assignment to digital reproductions, the FRBR model applied to serials,  ISSN assignment to serials versions readable on mobile devices, review of the ISSN Manual  and harmonization with the bibliographic standards ISBD and RDA…

PEPRS Registry presented to UNESCO 
On September 16, Françoise Pelle, Director of the ISSN International Centre and Peter Burnhill, Director of EDINA, presented the PEPRS Registry  to Mr Janis Karklinš, Assistant Director General of Communication and Information of UNESCO. This presentation was a good opportunity to  raise awareness concerning projects involving  the ISSN International Centre, and to stress the strategic importance of digital preservation for both UNESCO and the ISSN Network.
PEPRS (Piloting an E-Journals Preservation Registry Service,  aggregates
metadata about e-journal preservation from five major archiving agencies: CLOCKSS, Portico,Global LOCKSS Network, British Library and the e-Depot at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (National Library of the Netherlands). This registry is being developed by EDINA (UK) in cooperation  with the ISSN International Centre and was launched on 28 April 2011 as a beta service. 

ISSN assignment to scholarly journals (“core electronic resources”): 2nd campaign  The 2nd campaign of ISSN assignment to electronic scholarly journals, launched in April 2011 and carried out by the whole ISSN Network is now completed. The purpose of this campaign is to improve the coverage of the ISSN Register (1,6 million  ISSN to date) by assigning ISSN to electronic scholarly journals that are not yet identified. The first results will be presented during the forthcoming meeting of Directors of ISSN National Centres in Sarajevo.





Identify this! Identifiers and Trust  
Day to day use of identifiers often obscures their more profound and long-term importance. Identifiers are the foundation upon which we will increasingly rely in order to publish trustworthy electronic content. In short, identifiers are about “trust”…. Geoffrey Bilder, author of this plea, is Director of Strategic Initiatives at Crossref. (Information Standard Quarterly, Summer 2011, Vol. 25, Issue 3)


RDA in Europe: report of the work in progress in France  
This report, presented during the last EURIG (European RDA Interest Group) meeting in Puerto Rico, introduces conclusions on the in-depth examination of the rules made until December 2010, in the framework of the French National Organisation for Standardisation (AFNOR, responsible of the French national cataloguing rules). What is the current situation of RDA? What is the “French planning” for the next months? Is the French approach in accordance with the current position of other European countries? (Françoise Leresche and Françoise Bourdon, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, August 2011)

Library of Congress launches a website dedicated to RDA 

The Library of Congress has launched in September a new website dedicated to RDA which contains links to training documents, presentations, exercises, and examples of records as well as to other RDA related sites.

How the W3C Has Come To Love Library Linked Data 

The number of libraries publishing their metadata onto the web as linked open data is growing at a dizzying rate. To further this trend, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) will release a report devoted to library linked data (LLD) at the end of September 2011. Michael Kelley takes this opportunity to make the point about this trend, and about the draft recommendations published in August by the W3C. (Michael Kelley, Library Journal, 2011-08-31)

CrossRef Revises DOI Display Guidelines

CrossRef announced an update of its Digital Object Identifier (DOI) online display guidelines. The new guidelines encourage CrossRef member publishers, affiliates, and others in the scholarly community to display CrossRef DOIs as full URLs in the online environment. This change will allow users to copy permanent CrossRef DOI links from HTML pages to emails, blogs, reference management software and other applications. In addition, mobile device users will be able to take advantage of the citation linking system already in place for scholarly publications on the web. (CrossRef, August 2011)

Publication of the ISO standard 15511: International standard identifier for libraries and
related organizations (ISIL) 
ISO 15511 specifies the International Standard identifier for libraries and related organizations (ISIL), which comprises a set of standard identifiers used for the unique identification of libraries, archives, museums and related organizations with a minimum impact on already existing systems. An ISIL identifies an organization, i.e. a library, an archive, a museum or a related organization, or one of its subordinate units, which is responsible for an action or service in an informational environment (e.g. creation of machine-readable information).
(ISO, 2011-08-22)


RSS   Publishing, Information Industry, Technology 

EBSCO Projects 4 to 6 Percent Increase in Serials Prices for 2012 

EBSCO recently announced its serials price projections for academic and academic/medical libraries which should be "in the range of 4 to 6 percent" for 2012—the same increase that EBSCO had projected for 2011. (David Rapp, Library Journal, 2011-09-21)

Copyright: Commission brokers agreement to increase the number of out-of-commerce books being made available again 
Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services, presided over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which libraries, publishers, authors, and their collecting societies have agreed to a set of Key Principles that will give European libraries and similar cultural institutions the possibility to digitize and make available on line out-of-commerce books and learned journals which are part of their collections.
(European Commission, 2011-09-20) 

1st national licence contract signed between ABES (Agence bibliographique de l’Enseignement Supérieur – French Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education) and Springer 
The ABES (French Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education) mandated by the French Education Ministry to pilot the negotiations and acquisitions of digital resources, signed the first national licence contract with Springer in July. This contract concerns articles from 1000 electronic serials and 8500 e-books. All Higher Education and Research institutions, as well as public libraries, will benefit from this national licence. This type of contract has been successfully tried out by countries such as Germany and Brazil. (ABES, 2011-09-19)

Internet Ruffles Pricey Scholarly Journals 
Some universities from Great Britain to California are refusing to renew their subscriptions to scholarly journals, turning instead to “open access” publishing, an arrangement whereby material is made available free on the Internet with few or no restrictions except for the obligation to cite it. And with the university funding cut back, the pressure for change is mounting … (D.D. Guttenplan, New-York Times, 2011-09-18)

Have Journal Editors Become Anachronisms? 
Phil Davis questions self-publishing and re-affirm the importance of both journals and editors. “If we view journals as mediators of quality signals in a crowded information space — a space that is getting a little more crowded each year — the future of the journal presents many more opportunities than when it is seen as a mechanism to control the distribution of scientific research.” (The Scholarly Kitchen, 2011-09-19)

Taylor & Francis Online Mobile Now Available 
Taylor & Francis Online Mobile, launched in September 13,  is a mobile optimized website that provides access to 1,600 Journals and Reference Works. (Taylor and Francis, 2011-09-13)

HathiTrust's Growth Strategy: Full-Text Search Coming to WorldCat and EBSCO Discovery Service 
In separate announcements, OCLC and EBSCO both unveiled plans to integrate full-text HathiTrust search capability into WorldCat and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), respectively. Once implemented, the deals will make the full texts of all of the 9.5 million-plus works in the digital repository searchable by some of the most widely used discovery tools—and greatly expand the accessibility of the massive HathiTrust corpus. (David Rapp, Library Journal, 2011-09-08)

Early Journal Content on JSTOR, Free to Anyone in World 
On September 6th JSTOR announced that it was making journal content in JSTOR published prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 elsewhere freely available to anyone. This “Early Journal Content” includes discourse and scholarship in the arts and humanities, economics and politics, and in mathematics and other sciences.  It includes nearly 500,000 articles from more than 200 journals. This represents 6% of the content on JSTOR.
(JSTOR, 2011-09-06)

Beijing International Book Fair: E-books and Digital Content Boost China’s $150bn Publishing Media Market
The Beijing International Book Fair (August 30 through September 3) reflected China’s
booming digital publishing business with 2,000 sq. meters of digital exhibits. Sales of ebooks, downloaded games, apps and other digital content in China hit 80 billion RMB ($11.8 billion) in 2009. (Edward Nawotka, Publishing Perspectives, 2011-08-27)

New York Times Introduces Beta620, a Public Site for Its Experimental Projects 
The New York Times has introduced its long-delayed Beta620, a public beta testing site where web surfers can experiment with new products that could eventually take root on (Nat Ives, Ad Ages, 2011-08-07)

Libraries   Libraries

National Libray of Spain introduces records in Arabic script in its catalogue 
Further to an agreement, National Library of Spain will import records in Arabic created by the Arabic House (Casa Arabe, Madrid, Cordoba) in its catalogue for “Arabic collections”. [Note: The ISSN Register contains records with key elements such as key titles and publisher names in both transliterated forms and original scripts such as Arabic and Cyrillic]
(National Library of Spain, 2011-09-27)

Orphan Works: Authors Guild, Inc., et al. 

On September 12, 2011 Authors Guild—with Australian and Canadian authors' organizations — filed suit against the HathiTrust digital repository and some of its member universities. The complaints charge that the digitization, archiving, and copying of copyrighted works constitute copyright infringement.The suit also regards HathiTrust's orphan works project.
Association of Research Libraries (ARL) proposes a selection of resources related to this
lawsuit. (ARL ,2011-09-23)

Electronic clearance of Orphan Works significantly accelerates mass digitization 

The British Library, as part of the wider EU funded ARROW (Accessible Registries of Rights Information and Orphan Works) project[1], has published a study into rights clearance and mass digitization which examines the issue of orphan works. (British Library, 2011-09-15)

Europeana Libraries Project Begins To Aggregate Digital Content 
The Europeana Libraries project began on September 5 to aggregate the first of the five million digital objects that the initiative envisions collecting from some of Europe's leading research and university libraries. (Michael Kelley, Library Journal, 2001-09-06)

SUNCAT [The Serials Union Catalogue for the UK research community]: Expansion of record downloading service 
The SUNCAT dowloading service has been expanded to provide a range of options available to SUNCAT Contributing Libraries. The first two services are particularly useful for finding information about changes in title/ISSN details from the ISSN register.
(Serials-eNews, n° 251, 2011-08-05)

Calendar   Forthcoming Events in the World

Journée mondiale de la normalisation [World Standards Day]
October 14, 2011 - Theme: International standards - Creating confidence globally

Frankfurt Book Fair 2011 
October 12-16, 2011, Frankfurt, Germany 

Internet Librarian International 2011 
October 26-28, 2011, London, UK 

Open Access Conference 
Focusing on the impact of Open Access in research and scholarship, the event will explore how open, online access has the potential to transform the process of discovery and the translation of knowledge into benefits to society, as well as to enhance public engagement and create new opportunities for scholarship and business. November 9-10, 2011, Washington, USA 

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