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Newsletter n°33 April 2015




Meeting between the ISSN and the Russian Book Chamber

A public meeting was organised on March 16th, 2015 with Mrs Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre and the Russian Book Chamber. The different presentations were an opportunity for the Russian public, publishers, libraries, journalists, to discover the ISSN Network and its implementations in the scientific and media publishing area. This event was organised by ITAR-TASS, the Russian News Agency.

  >> ISSN International Centre, 2015-04  

ISSN IC at UKSG 2015

ISSN IC Sales department held an stand at UKSG held in Glasgow on 30th March to 1st April, 2015.

Nathalie Cornic presented ROAD, ISSN Directory of Open Access scholarly Resources, during a lightening talk session. As a free subset of the ISSN Registry, the directory aggregates data from partners (indexing services, registries, journal indicators), and provides access to a multidisciplinary selection of OA resources worldwide. The main features of the service and the role of ISSN as a matching key were presented.


  >> Slideshare, April 2015  

The US ISSN Center and ProQuest receive ALCTS Collaboration Award

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) has chosen The US ISSN Center and ProQuest Metadata Integration & Cataloging Section as the recipients of the ALCTS Outstanding Collaboration Citation for 2015. This award recognizes a public-private partnership that helped the US ISSN Center respond to the rapid increase in ISSN requests for electronic resources and implement projects to assign ISSNs to core works. This collaboration benefits all stakeholders worldwide, from publishers to researchers.

  >> ALA, April 2015  

ISSN IC attended ICEDIS Glasgow meeting 2015

On the final day of the UKSG Conference, ICEDIS held its usual UK meeting for the special interest branch of EDItEUR that deals with serials and subscription standards.

On this meeting were discussed the growing adoption of the subscription product catalog format, ONIX-PC, as well as the updates from the Open Access working group.

William Killbride / Digital Preservation Coalition, gave a thought-provoking presentation about Publishing and Digital Preservation: A Retrospective and Prospective. And Todd Carpenter / NISO, reviewed a number of initiatives likely to be of interest to ICEDIS members, covering both ISO projects and those under the aegis of NISO.


ISSN IC was present at EURIG 2015

Clément Oury, recently appointed as Head of the ISSN Data, Network and Standardisation department, participated in EURIG Annual Members’ meeting on April 14th, 2015, hosted by the National Library of Switzerland in Bern. EURIG is the European RDA Interest Group.

  >> Slainte, April 2015  



BIBFLOW: A Roadmap for Library Linked Data Implementation

BIBFLOW is an Institute of Museum and Library Services supported project that aims to document the internal effects of the conversion of library records to Linked Data, with a particular focus on the forthcoming BIBFRAME framework. BIBFLOW is focused on how Linked Data will affect the library. The final deliverable of the project is a road map used as a practical guide to navigating the transition to Linked Data in libraries.

  >> Coalition for Networked Information, 2015-04-11  

World-wide review of PRESSoo, an extension of the FRBRoo model

During IFLA annual meeting in August 2014, the FRBR Review Group endorsed PRESSoo as a valid extension of the FRBROO model. Recently, IFLA FRBR Review Group invited IFLA members of the Cataloguing section to comment on PRESSoo as part of a world-wide review, as a step towards formal approval of this model by IFLA.

  >> IFLA, 2015-03-08  

NISO Launches New Projects to Develop Standards for Bibliographic Vocabulary Exchange

Following the issuance of the Bibliographic Roadmap final report in April 2014, NISO’s Content and Collection Management (CCM) Topic Committee evaluated the recommendations and prepared a new work item proposal focusing on three of the top prioritized areas: Vocabulary policies on use and reuse, Vocabulary documentation, and Vocabulary preservation requirements.

  >> NISO, 2015-03-18  

Publishing Industry


Twelve exciting and important developments due for release

A list of the improvements planned for the DOAJ in 2015. Among them: Google Scholar compatibility, a fully functional subject browser, a simpler display with standardised information in search results for both journals and articles, and shareable, stable URLs.

  >> DOAJ, 2015-04-07  

UNESCO’s Open Access (OA) Curriculum is now online

A complete set of OA modules both for researchers and for library schools is now available online. It covers topics such as interoperability and retrieval, intellectual property rights and research evaluation metrics.

  >> UNESCO, 2014-03-16  

The Value in Attending Editorial Board Meetings

A testimony and a How to article on the editorial board meeting process: what is its role? What makes it succesful?

  >> Scholarly Kitchen, 2015-04-09  

CERN and Elsevier Announce Further Open Access Agreement

Thanks to this agreement, CERN results will appear as open access articles, with copyright retained by CERN and its authors, and reuse determined by Creative Commons CC-BY licenses. This allows CERN to progress further towards its stated target of 100% ‘gold’ open access for all of its physics results as of 2015.

  >> PR Newswire, 2015-04-02  

Open access in Japan – an inside perspective

An interview with Yuko Nagai of the Zoological Society of Japan about the society’s new open access journal and the future of open access in the country.

  >> BioMed central  

Library and Archive Groups Publish “The London Manifesto” Calling For Fair Copyright Across Europe

This  manifesto calls for fair copyright for libraries and archives across Europe. It outlines needed reforms that will better support research, innovation and growth and will help create a digital single market. It focuses on the important role of libraries and archives.

The London Manifesto

  >> Library Journal, 2015-04-01  



Reference Rot: Threat and Remedy

Hiberlink milestones and outcomes were presented at UKSG 2015 by Peter Burnhill and Richard Wincewicz.

This presentation looks at reference rot, link rot, and the work of Hiberlink to ensure web citations persist through time.

  >> Slideshare, 2015-04-02  

Adventures in Portlandia: Learning the Difference Between Publishing and Repositories

After setting the three main functions that library publishing platforms and repositories fulfil, Phil Jones concludes that libraries’ role in dissemination of scholarly works depends on their profile and the sizes of their publishing/repository programs. Different institutions will adopt different strategies, reflecting the types of scholarly output that they generate, local needs and priorities, and the occasional political constraint.

  >> Digital Science, 2015-04-07  

LERU calls for fundamental change to the financial model behind journal publishing

In this document, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) focuses on the main challenge in European research: the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’. This term includes both subscription costs paid by institutions and APCs (Article Processing Charges) for publishing in hybrid journals with an Open Access option paid by their staff members and researchers. This dual method of charging may mean that universities end up paying twice for access to the same material.

  >> LERU, 2015-03-18  

Sharing Data for Better Discovery and Access

The Internet Archive and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) have announced a joint collaborative program to enhance sharing of collections from the Internet Archive in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). The Internet Archive will work with interested Libraries and content providers to help ensure their metadata meets DPLA’s standards and requirements.

  >> DPLA, 2015-03-30  

CLOCKSS and CHORUS support perpetual access to reporting on US-funded research

The CLOCKSS Archive, a not-for-profit joint venture between the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries, has entered into an agreement with CHORUS (Clearinghouse for the Open Research of the United States) to support the archiving, preservation, and perpetual public access to articles reporting on US federally funded research, at no additional cost to taxpayers.

  >> Edina, 2015-04-01  



CERN Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication (OAI9)

  >> June 17-19, Geneva  

NISO/NASIG Joint Webinar: Not Business as Usual: Special cases in RDA serials cataloging

  >> May 20, Online  

NISO Training Thursday: Implementing SUSHI/COUNTER at your Institution

  >> May 7, Online  

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