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Newsletter n°35 June 2015




The US ISSN National Centre at ALA Annual meeting in San Francisco on 29th June 2015

The US ISSN National Centre will give a presentation about the history and future of ISSN entitled “ISSN @ 40:  Past, Present, and Future” at the Library of Congress exhibit booth. Also, the ALCTS Continuing Resources Update Forum will feature three presentations about ISSN. To be followed soon on our blog celebrating the 40th anniversary of ISSN network. Our blog is continuously updated with presentations and contributions from all ISSN centres about ISSN history and people.


ISSN IC will attend at ICSTI 2015 General Assembly and IATUL conference in July 2015

Two workshops will take place as part of ICSTI (International Council for Scientific and Technical Information) 2015 General Assembly to be held on 4th July 2015 in Hanover, Germany. The Information Trends and Opportunities Committee (ITOC workshop) will focus on strategic thinking and future trends in open science and open data, and theTechnical Activities Coordinating Committee (TACC) innovation workshop will deal with innovative information products and services that help STI more useable and accessible.

ISSN IC will also attend the 36th Conference of the International Association of University Libraries (IATUL), an Associate Member of ICSTI, organized on 5-9th July in Hanover, under the heading « Strategic Partnerships for Access and Discovery ».



Gaëlle Béquet will open a conference dedicated to “Bibliographic transition” in France

AFNOR, the French standardization agency, and the National Library of France (BnF) organize on June 26th, 2015 a conference on “bibliographic transition”. Sylviane Tarsot Gillery, BnF’s general director, Gaëlle Béquet, chair of ISO TC46 (Technical Committee on information and documentation) and Pierre Fuzeau, chair of CN46 (French national mirror of TC46) will open this one-day conference.

The conference will present the issues of adopting new bibliographic models and formats, consistent with the FRBR approaches, to drive the participation of cultural institutions in the web of data. Even though the questions related to the adoption of RDA cataloguing rules in France will be specifically under focus, the discussions are intended for a wide audience, from libraries, archives and museums.


  >> BnF, June 2015  

ABES Days 2015

ABES Days 2015 were held in Montpellier, France, 27-28 May 2015. Among the broached topics: the implementation of RDA in the German libraries, FRBR and the bibliographic transition, ABES and the metadata environment.

On this occasion, Clément Oury gave a presentation on CIDEMIS, a new common platform between ABES and the ISSN Network dedicated to the assignment of ISSN for ancient publications.

ABES (Agence bibliographique de l’enseignement supérieur / Higher Education Bibliographic Agency) is a public agency which creates and manages information-based tools and services for the University and Research communities within the framework of the French national strategy.

The presentations’ supports and the videos are now available online (in French).

  >> ABES, June 2015  



Actions and Updates on the Standards and Best Practices Front

A presentation of four standards and best practices recently released or currently underway at the National Information Standards Organization: Knowledge Bases and Related Tools, Presentation and Identification of E-Journals, Open Discovery Initiative, and Open Access Metadata Indicators.

Article available under subscription, the corresponding presentation given at the NASIG Annual Conference is available at this address.

  >> The Serials Librarian, 2015-05-19  

Publishing Industry


Hybrid Journals: Ensuring Systematic and Standard Discoverability of the Latest Open Access Articles

An important current challenge for research information providers is ensuring the automated discovery of Open Access (OA) content in hybrid journals. Discovery services are unable to systematically identify the free full-text availability of OA articles. A systematic and standardized manner is proposed to identify OA at the article level.

Article available under subscription, the corresponding presentation given at the NASIG Annual Conference is available at this address.

  >> The Serials Librarian, 2015-05-19  

Thieme to launch ‘pay what you want’ open-access journal

Thieme, an international medical and science publisher, in collaboration with the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) of Munich’s School of Management and Department of Economics is about to launch a new open-access journal, based on an innovative business model: « Pay What You Want ». Following acceptance of a paper after peer review, authors will be given the opportunity to pay an APC fee that they feel is most suitable.

  >> Research Information, 2015-06-03  

OCLC signs agreements with leading publishers worldwide

OCLC has signed agreements with leading publishers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine and other subject areas to add metadata for books, e-books, journals, databases and other materials that will make their content discoverable through WorldCat Discovery Services. Among these partners: DOAJ, OpenEditions, BMJ Publishing Group.

  >> OCLC, 2015-06-09  

Rising metrics need to go deeper

New tools dedicated to the assessment of scholarly publications have arised lately. They have gained widespread interest in many sectors, but according to Euan Adie (founder of and Mike Taylor (senior project manager for infometrics in Elsevier Research Metrics), there is still much work to be done in digging deeper into these metrics.

  >> Research Information, June-July 2015  

Area-wide transition to open access is possible

The Max Planck Digital Library has put forward a study on the transformation of the subscription-driven system for scientific publications to an Open Access model. For the first time, quantitative parameters are presented showing that the liberation of scholarly literature is possible at no extra costs.

  >> Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, 2015-04-27  

Copyright Office Releases Report on Orphan Works and Mass Digitization

The American Copyright Office has released its « Report on Orphan Works and Mass Digitization », including recommendations for legislation on orphan works and the creation of an extended collective licensing (ECL) regime for mass digitization. This post focuses on the recommendations on orphan works.

  >> Infojustice, 2015-06-08  

Promoting Open Science and Open Knowledge: Current State of Repositories

This briefing paper, « Promoting Open Knowledge and Open Science – Report on the current state of Repositories », presents an overview of the international repository landscape as of May 2015. The paper was produced by COAR on behalf of the Aligning Repository Networks Committee, a group of senior representatives from repository networks around the world.

  >> COAR, 2015-05-21  

Scientist registry unveils plan to recognize efforts of peer-reviewers

More than 1.2 million people have signed up to use ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), a registry or ‘science passport’ that allocates users a unique 16-digit identifier and webpage that they can use to record their publications and grants. ORCID announced that users would soon be able to record on their profile the many different types of peer review they do.

  >> Nature, 2015-05-22  

Open Access books slowly on the rise

Publishers and libraries are increasingly experimenting with Open Access (OA) books, according to a new survey by industry advisors, Publishers Communication Group (PCG). Books published under the so-called “author-pays,” Gold Open Access model with no paywall for readers are expected to slowly grow in importance, with funding derived from a variety of sources including library budgets, the study reported.

  >> Publishing Technology, 2015-05-27  

DOAJ, Impact Factor and APCs

Results from a pilot study correlating Open access article processing charges (APCs) and the journal impact factor. According to this study, some open access journals using the APC business model may be exploiting impact factor status as a means to raise prices.

  >> Sustaining the Knowledge Commons, 2015-06-01  



The Europeana Data Model: A living model 5 years on

This White Paper gives an account of the latest developments in EDM and highlights the principles that are necessary for the model to continue as a suitable framework for cultural heritage data.


  >> Europeana Pro, 2015-06-17  

Altmetrics and analytics for digital collections and institutional repositories

This white paper proposes recommendations and best practices for the implementation and use of statistics and metrics in academic digital libraries and repositories.

  >> Figshare, June 2015  

BIBFLOW: A Roadmap for Library Linked Data Implementation

A presentation of BIBFLOW, an Institute of Museum and Library Services supported project that aims to document the internal effects of the conversion of library records to Linked Data, with a particular focus on the forthcoming BIBFRAME framework. The final deliverable of the project will be a road map to navigating the transition to Linked Data in libraries.

  >> CNI, 2015-06-05  

National Library of the Netherlands-Portico Partnership

The National Library of the Netherlands (KB) and Portico announced a new partnership that will support the preservation of e-journals through the KB’s International e-Depot program which focuses on the preservation of e-journals from international scientific publishers. The KB will take advantage of Portico’s existing preservation expertise and infrastructure in order to ensure that scholars and researchers will have access to content in the future.

  >> Portico, 2015-05-28  



Open Access et gestion des données dans Horizon 2020

  >> June 29 - 30, Paris  

81st IFLA General Conference and Assembly: « Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation »

  >> August 15-21, Cape Town  

Free UKSG webinar: A Quiet Culture War in Research Libraries, and What It Means for Libraries, Researchers, and Publishers

  >> 2015-06-30, Online  

7th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP)

  >> September 15th-17th, Amsterdam  

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