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Newsletter n°40 December 2015




ISSN Workshop report Keepers septembre 2015

On September 8th 2015, EDINA and the ISSN International Centre organised a workshop designed to explore the challenges of increasing preservation coverage of e-journals and related digital resources. A workshop report which documents the event is now available.

  >> Keepers Registry Blog, November 18th 2015  

Latindex and the ISSN IC: Memorandum of Understanding

Latindex and the ISSN International Centre signed a Memorandum of Understanding in September 2015. The purpose of this three-year agreement is to promote both parties and exchange metadata about serials. Latindex centres will benefit from specific accesses to the ISSN database while ISSN International Centre will use Latindex records to enhance ROAD. Another objective is to assign identifiers to serial resources indexed by Latindex but not covered by the ISSN Register.



Russian ISSN Centre to open in January

The ISSN International centre and ITAR-TASS, the Russian news agency which manages the Russian Book Chamber in Moscow, signed a working agreement on December 3rd, 2015 to create the ISSN Centre of the Federation of Russia.

The Federation of Russia has recently acceded to the Statutes of the International Centre for the registration of serial publications which was established in Paris as a result of an agreement between UNESCO and the Government of the French Republic.

The new Russian ISSN centre should start operating in January 2016.

  >> ISSN, 2015-12-10  

Conference « L’ISSN face à la transition numérique » at the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) : presentations now available online

This conference about ISSN facing the digital transition has been organised by the French ISSN national centre, together with ISSN IC and ABES, the French Bibliographic Agency for Higher Education on Nov.4th, 2015.
The presentations and videos are now online.

  >> BnF, December 2015  

DOAJ and the ISSN IC: Memorandum of Understanding

DOAJ and the ISSN International Centre signed a Memorandum of Understanding in December 2015. The purpose of this agreement is to promote both parties and exchange metadata about quality, open access journals. The benefit of this working agreement is to give an insight about trusted peer-reviewed open access journals. Being indexed in the DOAJ means that the journals considered adhere to high levels of quality regarding best practices.


Publishing Industry


Draft agreement with Elsevier on Open Access

A standoff between Dutch universities and publishing giant Elsevier is finally over. After more than a year of negotiations—and a threat to boycott Elsevier’s 2500 journals—a deal has been struck: For no additional charge beyond subscription fees, 30% of research published by Dutch researchers in Elsevier journals will be open access by 2018.

  >> University of Amsterdam, 2015-12-14  

Open Access in Latin America free of predatory journals

The evolution of Open access in South America and an analysis of the low proportion of predatory journal in the continent’s most important database, SciELO.

  >> SciELO in Perspective, 2015-11-13  

Criteria for Open Access and publishing

This article gives an overview of the history and current status of the DOAJ. After a brief historical overview, DOAJ policies regarding open access, intellectual property rights and questionable publishers are explained in detail. The larger part of this article is a much requested explanation on how DOAJ uses its new set of criteria for the evaluation of open access journals and the rationale behind chosing the seven extra criteria that qualify for the DOAJ Seal.

  >> ScienceOpen Research, 2015-11-15  

Refusing to Be Evaluated by a Formula

Rutgers faculty members (New Brunswick), citing philosophical concerns and errors, are pushing back against the use of Academic Analytics to evaluate their productivity.

  >> Inside Higher Ed, 2015-12-11  

Major repository networks agree to adopt common guidelines

On November 2015, representatives from LA Referencia, OpenAIRE and COAR met in Rio de Janeiro to discuss the adoption of common metadata guidelines for repository networks and identify areas for further collaboration.

  >> COAR, 2015-12-01  



Presenting the Europeana Publishing Framework

The Europeana Publishing Framework sets out four scenarios for sharing collections with Europeana. It clarifies the relationship between Europeana and the data partners.

  >> Europeana, 2015-12-01  

The Death of the Collection and the Necessity of Library-Publisher Collaboration: Young Librarians on the Future of Libraries

The struggle between two conceptions of the library: the traditionnal librarian-built, prediction-based collection and a library centered on the collaboration with the traditional publishers.

  >> Scholarly Kitchen, 2015-11-17  

IFLA joins coalition to demand better regulation principles in EU copyright review process

IFLA joined a wide coalition of stakeholders representing civil society, news publishers, libraries, consumers and the digital industry in expressing concern regarding the European Commission’s approach in consulting on copyright matters.

  >> IFLA, 2015-11-24  



NFAIS 2016 Annual Conference: Data Sparks Discovery of Tomorrow’s Global Knowledge

  >> February 21st-23rd 2016, Philadelphia  

Event NISO Webinar: Ensuring the Scholarly Record: Scholarly Retractions, Scientific Reproducibility, and the Role of Publishers and Libraries

  >> January 13th 2016, Online  

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