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Newsletter n° 66 June 2018




The ISSN International Centre at the annual conference about Bibliographic Transition Beyond Standardization organized by the Association française de normalization (AFNOR) and the National Library of France (BnF)

The Annual Conference about Bibliographic Transition Beyond Standardization will take place at the National Library of France on Friday 29 June 2018.

The French Bibliographic Transition program under the aegis of ABES and BnF aims to adapt library catalogues to the semantic web. Since 2015, the professionals involved have worked to publish and implement new cataloguing rules based on RDA-FR, the French adaptation of RDA. They also train and advise libraries and software publishers on the evolution of applications, and support the French library community through awareness-raising.

Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre and President of the ISO Technical Committee 46, will deliver the opening address together with Stéphanie Roussel, President of the mirror French Committee 46. Details and registration on

  >> Bibliothèque nationale de France, June 2018  

ISSN Portal showcased @ ALA 2018 Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations Interest Group Forum (ALCTS)

The Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations Interest Group Forum (ALCTS) has invited the ISSN International Centre and the U.S. ISSN Centre to present the new ISSN Portal to a mixed audience of professionals on Monday, June 25th, 2018 (9-10 a.m., Morial Convention Centre, room 281/282).

  >> ALA annual conference and exhibition, June 2018  

The Revision of the ISSN Standard @ ALA 2018 NISO Annual Meeting and Standards Update

NISO manages the secretariat of TC46 / SC9 Identification and description and has invited the Director of the ISSN International Centre to give a presentation about the activities of the working group responsible for the revision of ISO 3297 – ISSN on Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 (1 -2.30 p.m. ; Morial Convention Centre, room 209).

  >> ALA annual conference and exhibition, June 2018  

The 2017 Activity Report of the ISSN International Centre has just been published

The 2017 Activity Report of the ISSN International  Centre is available online. The highlights of year 2017 were, on the one hand, the revamped ISSN Portal and the new customer Extranet, and on the other hand, the revision of ISO 3297 standard, whose process shall last about three years before the sixth version of the standard is published.

  >> ISSN International Centre, June 2018  

ISSN 2018 International Conference: Videos and slides available online!

The ISSN 2018 International Conference “An International Perspective on Open Access in Scholarly Communication: Achievements and Challenges” organised by the ISSN International Centre, was held in Paris on April 26th, 2018.

The program, videos and slides are available on CC.Webcast and on YouTube.


Taller “Nuevas características Latindex para publicaciones electrónicas” / Workshop “New Latindex features for electronic publications”

CAICYT-CONICET, hosting the Argentinian ISSN centre, is organising an on-site workshop to be held on 28-29 June 2018. Aimed at publishers, librarians and members of editorial committees of electronic scientific journals, this workshop will provide knowledge on the new editorial quality standards of the Latindex System for electronic publications as well as on the standards in force in this worldwide context and the main trends in scientific publishing. The program is online.


  >> CAICYT-CONICET, June 2018  

The ISSN International Centre at ISO/TC46 Open Workshop in Lisbon (May 2018)

This workshop was organized at the National Library of Portugal during the annual convention of ISO/TC46 Information and Documentation.  Maria Inês Cordeiro, Director of the National Library of Portugal, moderated the session. The Chairs of TC 46 and of its subcommittees spoke about the new standards which are under development and about the revisions of existing standards.

The presentations are available online.

  >> Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal, June 2018  



Advances in standards and training for journal editors and peer reviewers

Authors have an increasing range of measurable guidelines and assessment targets laid upon from different sources: journals, institutions, and ethics committees. Authors know certain methodological procedures performed by ethics boards and the types of journals they should appear in. Yet, for journal editors and reviewers, there are no globally recognized structures or measures of expectations or performance. This paper discusses the work of some groups and organisations which are making progress towards establishing competency frameworks and skills training.

  >> European Science Editing, May 2018  

Redesigned RDA Toolkit News

A document describing the Outcomes of the RDA Toolkit Restructure and Redesign Project by RSC Chair Gordon Dunsire has been posted on the RSC website as RSC/Chair/19. An announcement titled What to Expect from the RDA Toolkit beta site has also been posted on the RDA Toolkit blog.

Together, this information paves the way for the release of the beta version of the redesigned RDA Toolkit, which happened on 13 June 2018.

  >> RDA Toolkit blog, June 2018  

NISO Open Teleconference on PIE-J

The PIE-J Recommended Practice has been developed by NISO to provide guidance on the presentation of e-journals to publishers and platform providers and to solve some long-standing concerns of serials, collections, and electronic resources librarians. The latest progress was discussed on 11 June 2018, during a NISO open teleconference, whose recording is now available.

More details about PIE-J.

  >> NISO, June 2018  



North American Universities Increasingly Cancel Publisher Packages

A growing number of libraries are unbundling their subscriptions to the full suite of publishers’ journals, opting for limited titles to save on costs.

  >> The Scientist, June 2018  

The Power and the Challenges of Collaboration for Academic Libraries

The author analyzed a range of case studies that provide useful insights into the nature and effectiveness of collaborative activities, and innovative approaches in academic libraries.

  >> Library Connect, June 2018  

An Ethical Framework for Library Publishing

A broad task force worked on an Ethical Framework for Library Publishing, which was released to LPC members and Forum attendees in draft form in May 2018 during the Library Publishing Forum. The working session provided attendees the opportunity to give feedback on the current draft and contribute ideas for the next iteration of the framework.

Moreover, a series of reflections by community members on the recent Library Publishing Forum has been released.

  >> Library Publishing Forum, June 2018  

The General Data Protection Regulation: What Does It Mean for Libraries Worldwide?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is likely to have a significant impact on the way libraries  manage personal data. To help libraries consider what they need to do in response to the GDPR, the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) has published an issue brief on the topic. The ARL will continue to monitor developments on GDPR and will publish a follow-up piece focusing on implementation.

  >> ARL, May 2018  

Scholarly Communication


Greater Transparency in Peer Review Standards and Practices –A Report on Work in Progress

Mark Edington, the founding director of the Amherst College Press and the publisher of Lever Press, suggests that the scholarly communication community needs clear definitions and standards for how peer review is performed, and that transparent reporting on peer review should be a standard part of a publication.

  >> The Scholarly Kitchen, June 2018  

CRECS. Conferencia Internacional sobre revistas científicas/International Conference on Social Science and Humanities

CRECS (Conferencia internacional sobre REvistas de Ciencias Sociales y humanidades/International Conference on Social Science and Humanities) is one of the main events that brings together scientific and technical editors and those responsible for the dissemination services of Spanish and Latin American journals. The 8th CRECS Conference focused on the Iberoamerican cooperation in scholarly publishing. For the first time, the conference was held outside Spain, in Barranquilla (Colombia) on 2-4 May 2018. In order to maintain continuity with the Spanish participants, a meeting was organised on 7th June together with the Complutense University Library in Madrid.

The videos and presentations are online.

  >> CRECS, June 2018  

CiteScore 2017 metrics now available

First released in December 2016 – and steadily optimized based on user feedback since then – CiteScore™ metrics have established a brand new standard for measuring journal citation impact. Powered by Scopus, CiteScore’s set of metrics evaluate serial citation impact over a three-year period. Now the CiteScore 2017 metrics are available, revealing the latest annual assessments of thousands of scholarly publications.

  >> Scopus blog, May 2018  

Collaboration to Improve Scholarship

Alice Meadows, Director of Community Engagement & Support for ORCID, is reporting on the Fiesole Library Collection Retreat held in Barcelona in April 2018. The topic was Collaboration to Improve Scholarship.

  >> The Scholarly Kitchen, June 2018  

Open Access


Forum of French Open Access Repositories

On June 7th, 2018, Sciences Po Paris, the French Institute of Political Studies, organised a one-day workshop on OA repositories for university and research institutions. Speakers elaborated on the roles of OA repositories within the organisation and the development and challenges of OA repositories.

The program and the presentations are online.

  >> SciencesPo Digital Library, June 2018  

Access to and Preservation of Scientific Information in Europe

The findings of this report are based on data provided by Member States regarding their progress in implementing the 2012 Recommendation on Open Access to and preservation of scientific information. The situation has improved regarding e-infrastructures,  national policies and initiatives for interoperability and common standards. Further efforts are required regarding copyright legislation, training, tools to monitor open access publications and preservation of information.

  >> EU Publications, May 2018  

Open Access in the Humanities

This report is based on presentations delivered during a conference about open access in the humanities that took place in May 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This event was targeted to researchers in the humanities and social sciences, as well as to editors of peer-reviewed journals from these scientific areas. More than 80 participants listened to presentations on a collectively funded humanities megajournal (Open Library of Humanities /OLH), on infrastructures for open scholarly communication (OPERAS and HIRMEOS), and on data and openness in the arts and humanities. Good Slovenian practices were presented.

  >> OpenAIRE blog, June 2018  

Open Science Practices Adopted by Latin American & Caribbean Open Access Journals

The objective of this study is to investigate how Open Science values and practices have influenced open access (OA) journal publishers in Latin American and the Caribbean (LA&C) countries. The key research question is: to what extent are these practices being adopted by LA&C journals? A survey was conducted with a sample of LA&C journals listed on the DOAJ database. The results reveal that if many journals are aware of or informed about most of Open Science practices, only a few have already successfully adopted those practices.

  >> HAL, June 2018  



ELPUB 2018 Conference

The 22nd International Conference on Electronic Publishing will question the sustainability in the open access movement.

Topic: Connecting the Knowledge Commons: From Projects to Sustainable Infrastructure

The preliminary program and paper abstracts are online.

  >> ELPUB 2018, 22-24 June, Toronto, Canada  

10th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

COASP is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The preliminary program is online.

  >> COASP 10, Vienna, Austria, 17-19 september 2018  

Webinar organised by Library Connect about Library value

Library presenters will share their experiences about measuring and communicating the impact of library resources in terms of value of investment (VOI) rather than just return on investment (ROI).

  >> Webinar, Thursday, July 12, 2018 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. North American EDT (16:00-17:00 BST, 17:00-18:00 CEST)  

Diversity of Data: RDA in the international context

The conference will cover the latest developments in the RDA cataloguing standard and the Toolkit, with a focus on the potential of RDA for libraries in non-English speaking countries.

The program is online.

  >> RDA Conference, 23 August 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

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