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Newsletter n° 67 July-August 2018




New version of the ISSN Portal released on July 3rd, 2018

A new version of the ISSN Portal was released on July 3rd, 2018.

This version provides the following improvements:

  • Integration of ROAD into the ISSN Portal. The URL of ROAD does not change (
  • Addition of new indexes and facets: notably “Covered by” or “OA resource type”.
  • Provision of a version designed for mobile devices (smartphones).
  • Addition of a new download format: CSV.
  >> The ISSN Portal  

The ISSN International Centre will present its new services at IFLA WLIC 2018

A presentation about new ISSN services and the new version of the ISSN portal will be given by the ISSN International Centre team at IFLA Expo Pavillon / Tech Lab on 26 August 2018 at noon.

The Sales & Communication team will welcome you at booth B130 for a demo everyday from 25 to 28 August 2018.



ISSN Information and Training Session at the National Library of Malaysia (August 23-24, 2018)

With the support of the National Library of Malaysia, the ISSN International Centre is organizing an information and training session for 15 representatives of Asian ISSN National Centres in Kuala Lumpur prior to 2018 IFLA Conference. Colleagues from Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will come together with the Director of the ISSN International Centre to discuss the latest hot topics impacting the ISSN Network.


A model to link them all: IFLA LRM as a driver for harmonization of cataloguing standards related to serials and other continuing resources

Gordon Dunsire, Chair of the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA, and Clément Oury, Head of the Data, Network & Standards Department at the ISSN International Centre, will present their paper at IFLA WLIC 2018 during the session 074 Impact of recently approved IFLA standards – Committee on Standards (SI). This session will take place on 25 August 2018, in Ballroom 1, from 13:45 – 15:45.

The paper is available here: A model to link them all-IFLA LRM as a driver for harmonization of cataloguing standards-074-Dunsire-Oury-en


LATINDEX and the Ibero-American Institute (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Berlin) to organize a round table discussion about digital journals and digital scholarship (Sept. 5th, 2018)

A round table discussion about digital journals and digital scholarship is organized on September 5th, 2018  by LATINDEX and the Ibero-American Institute (Berlin) at 6 p.m.

Entitled The digital journal from a cross-regional perspective, the following topics will be addressed:

– new formats for scientific publications,

– quality criteria for scientific publications,

– the interrelationships between publications and academic careers,

– the comparison between existing circumstances in Europe and Latin America.

Ana María Cetto, President of Latindex, and Gaëlle Béquet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, will contribute to the debate (in Spanish).

  >> Ibero Amerikanisches Institut, July 2018  

43rd meeting of the Directors of ISSN National Centres at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC (September 2018)

The 43rd meeting of the Directors of ISSN National Centres will be held from 18 to 21 September 2018 at the kind invitation of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, United States of America.


ISSN International Centre at ICSTI Conference (September 2018)

The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) organises its annual conference, a two-day event which includes ICSTI Member-to-Member presentations, two workshops, and the introduction of a regular session on innovations.

Monday 10 September is reserved to ICSTI members or by invitation. As an ICSTI member, the ISSN International Centre is invited to contribute to the Member-to-Member presentations. Nathalie Cornic (Data, Network & Standards Department) will present the new features of the ISSN Portal.

On Tuesday 11 September : the ITOC and TACC workshops —titled respectively The Scientific Library of the Future, and Discovering and Connecting Related Research Objects in the Modern Science Landscape—  are open community sessions. The draft programme is online.

  >> ICSTI, July 2018  

ISSN International Centre at the 10th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (September 2018)

The ISSN International Centre will be represented at the 10th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP), which is organised by the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA). The full programme is now available.

Registrations and Accommodation

  >> OASPA, July 2018  

Release of IBICT’s Data Protection User Guide

Since 2015, the Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia has been providing a research data repository that takes care of long-term preservation and archiving of good practices, so that researchers can share, maintain control and get recognition for their data. IBICT Dataverse is a large open data repository of all disciplines, created by the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University. The Coordination team of IBICT Rede Cariniana produced a guide for users of the Dataverse data repository. This guide describes the structure of the data repository, the permissions and functions of the people involved in the management of the system.

[Article in Portuguese]

  >> IBICT, July 2018  



Optimising ISNI for the Identification of Organizations

On 8 May 2018, ISNI held a briefing and outreach webinar entitled Optimising ISNI for the Identification of Organizations. The well-attended virtual meeting explored aspects of ISNI’s ongoing work to establish an Organizations Registry alongside its repository of person-related information in the global ISNI database. ISNI’s involvement in this area is not new, and to date over 700,000 ISNI identifiers have been assigned to organizational entities (out of a total of more than 10 million ISNIs assigned to date).

The webinar focused on two areas – establishing and verifying the need for a dedicated registry, and taking concrete steps to maximize the usefulness of the resource, initially for the scholarly and related communities. A copy of the webinar presentation is available from ISNI Executive Director, Tim Devenport.

  >> EDItEUR Newsletter, July 2018  

FRBRoo, the IFLA Library Reference Model, and now LRMoo: a circle of development

IFLA’s conceptual models for bibliographic information are maintained in two forms, entity-relationship modelling and object-oriented modelling. As the models have developed in phases, the insights gained in one round of development have regularly informed and influenced the next  development. Pat Riva, Associate University Librarian, Collection Services at Concordia University Library, Montreal (Canada) and Maja Žumer, Professor, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), will present a paper illustrating  the influences and adaptation of ideas using examples from the most recently approved models: FRBRoo version 2.4 (2016) and IFLA LRM (2017), continuing to current work to create LRMoo. This paper will be presented during the IFLA session 074 Impact of recently approved IFLA standards – Committee on Standards (SI).

  >> IFLA WLIC 2018, July 2018  



Academic Library Futures in a Diversified University System

Two OCLC librarians consider the future of the academic library in the context of a diversifying higher education system. The academic library is adapting to the changing research and learning behaviors of its home institution, which are the principal drivers of the library service. The authors explore ways in which libraries are responding to the transition from a collections-based model to a more diffuse services-based model. The model of excellence for libraries will need to be plural, based on strategic fit to the needs of the institution they serve and not on collection size or gate count.

  >> Academic Library Futures in a Diversified University System. In: Gleason N. (eds) Higher Education in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Palgrave Macmillan, Singapore, 2018.  

IFLA Metadata Newsletter is out

The June issue contains notably an article about the Library of Congress’s BIBFRAME development process (see pp. 15-18) and a report about the 28th Meeting of the Permanent UNIMARC Committee that held in Rome in March 2018 (pp. 41-45).


  >> IFLA, June 2018  

The Distributed Digital Preservation Methodology at the Brazilian Network Rede Cariniana

Cariniana Network is a distributed digital preservation network, funded by the Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia IBICT. Cariniana is responsible for the insertion and storage of 772 open access electronic journals on the LOCKSS platform. The network offers digital preservation services as well as mechanisms in order to facilitate the automation of identification processes, storage, validation and conversion of the content into new digital formats.
Miguel Ángel Márdero Arellano, Cariniana Network Coordinator, and Alexandre Faria de Oliveira, IT Coordinator, both work for IBICT. They will present the Cariniana Network project at IFLA Session 160 Planning digital preservation: in for the long run – Preservation and Conservation with Information Technology (SI). 

  >> IFLA WLIC 2018, July 2018  

Now available: IFLA Annual Report 2017

Each year, IFLA Headquarters compiles its Annual Report which provides a comprehensive overview on its activities throughout the preceding year. The report gives IFLA Members and other interested parties full and transparent details on activities, achievements and financial performance.

Download the full report.

  >> IFLA, July 2018  

Sustainable and Inclusive Development through Libraries in Latin America and the Caribbean – Call for Views on Draft Declaration

IFLA is encouraging the library community across the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region to share their views on a draft declaration on libraries, access to information and development. This is the result of a close collaboration between IFLA and the Hernán Santa Cruz Library of the UN Economic Commission for LAC, and it aims to send a strong, unified message to ministers in 2019.

  >> IFLA, July 2018  

Use of the AGROVOC thesaurus as a common vocabulary in CGIAR Core Metadata Schema and Application Profile

The AGROVOC thesaurus was first published (in English, Spanish and French) at the beginning of the 1980s by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. In 2000, AGROVOC went digital through a relational database; in 2009, it became a SKOS resource. AGROVOC is now available as a SKOS-XL concept scheme, also published as a Linked Open Data (LOD) set composed of 35,000+ concepts available in up to 29 languages. By means of LOD, AGROVOC is aligned to 18 open datasets related to agriculture.

  >> AIMS, July 2018  

Scholarly Communication


International Conference on Open Scholarly Communication target organisations promoting Open Scholarly Communication and Open Science, with the focus on the Social Sciences and Humanities

The International Conference Open Scholarly Communication in Europe: Addressing the Coordination Challenge was organised by the Greek National Documentation Centre (EKT), from 31 May to 1 June , in Athens as part of the European funded project OPERAS.

Distinguished speakers from Europe, North and South America  (John Willinsky, Public Knowledge Project and Abel Packer, SciELO) presented the latest developments in Open Scholarly Communication. The conference targeted all those who promote open scholarly communication, highlighted the challenges arising during the transition to an Open Science paradigm, focusing particularly on the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH).

  >> Greek National Documentation Centre (EKT), July 2018  

Challenges and opportunities in the evolving digital preservation landscape: Reflections from Portico

There has been tremendous growth in the amount of digital content created by libraries, publishers, cultural institutions and the general public. While there are great benefits to having content available in digital form, digital objects can be extremely short-lived unless proper attention is paid to preservation. Reflecting on their experience with the digital preservation service Portico, four managers provide background on Portico’s history and evolving practice of sustainable preservation of the digital artifacts of scholarly communications. An overview of the digital preservation landscape is also given, with some thoughts on current requirements for preservation, and on the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

  >> Insights, 31, 28, July 2018  

Journal Publishing Practices and Standards framework is shortlisted for prestigious publishing award

The Journal Publishing Practices and Standards (JPPS) framework, developed and implemented by African Journals Online (AJOL) and INASP, has been chosen as a finalist for the 2018 ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing. JPPS provides detailed assessment criteria for the quality of publishing practices of Global South journals. The framework has been used to assess more than 900 journals. The JPPS team will make a presentation at the ALPSP international conference in Berkshire, UK on 12-14 September 2018, where the winner of the award will also be announced.

  >> INASP blog, June 2018  

INASP releases its Handbook for Journal Editors

The purpose of INASP handbook is to pose the questions that will help journals to judge their level of efficiency, sustainability and quality against internationally accepted criteria.

  >> INASP, February 2018  

Open Access


The Weakest Link – Workflows in open access agreements: The experience of the Vienna University Library and recommendations for future negotiations

In recent years open access (OA) publishing agreements have left a lasting impact on several aspects of the research life cycle, and on the manner in which institutions work with publishers and researchers to support the transition to OA. This article examines the Vienna University Library’s hands-on experience with OA agreements. It describes existing workflows, reviews the benefits of the various systems in place and identifies areas for improvement. Items for discussion are also proposed for organizations when negotiating OA agreements with publishers, and potential pitfalls to be avoided are highlighted.

  >> Insights, 31, 27, July 2018  

SciELO 20 Years Conference, 26-28 September 2018, São Paulo, Brazil

In 2018, the SciELO Program will celebrate 20 years of operation, in full alignment with the advances of open science.

The SciELO Program has consolidated itself as one of the most important programs for international cooperation in support of Open Access Scholarly Communication. The SciELO Network, a cooperative network under the SciELO Program and which spans 15 countries, indexes and publishes close to one thousand peer reviewed open access journals as national collections. This anniversary constitutes an important landmark in SciELO’s evolution, and an exceptional moment to promote the advancement of an inclusive, global approach to scholarly communication and to the open access movement. Check the programme.

  >> SciELO 20 Years, July 2018  

Spotlight on the OASPA Board: Lars Bjørnshauge

OASPA Board Members are appointed via an annual election process and serve for a term of three years, playing a vital role in OASPA’s work to support and represent the interests of Open Access journal and book publishers globally. In the third of a series of posts highlighting the important contributions of the Board, OASPA’s Leyla Williams talked to Lars Bjørnshauge, Managing Director of the DOAJ. The other two posts in the series were an interview with eLife’s Mark Patterson, and with PeerJ’s Pete Binfield.

  >> OASPA blog, July 2018  

Discovering open access content and exploring legal alternatives to paywalls

Joe McArthur (Director of Open Access Button) shows how tools like Open Access Button and Unpaywall work, and how open access (OA) resources can be used in inter-library loan (ILL) systems, link resolvers and library searches. The tools are open source – free and  community-owned.


  >> EIFL, July 2018  



IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) 2018

25 Call for Papers have already been released by IFLA’s Sections and Special Interest Groups. The programme is online.

  >> IFLA WLIC 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24-30 August 2018  

NFAIS Open Access Conference Call for Presentations

The National Federation of Advanced Information Services is calling for presenters for its conference.

Topic: Movements and Models Supporting Open Access

Deadline for the call for papers: 31 July 2018

  >> NFAIS OA Conference, 1-2 October 2018, Old Town Alexandria, VA, USA  

EDItEUR ICEDIS Committee Meeting (October 2018)

For members of EDItEUR with a particular interest in serials and subscriptions products.

Further details: contact Tim Devenport at EDItEUR.

  >> ICEDIS Committee Meeting, 8 October 2018, 13:30–17:00pm, Manhattan Room, Hotel Bristol, Frankfurt am Main, Germany  

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