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  14 - May 31, 2013 ISSN 2221-8009  
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    Tales from the Keepers Registry: Serial Issues About Archiving & the Web
We have already mentioned in the April issue of ISSN Newsletter the article of Peter Burnhill dedicated to the Keepers Registry and to digital preservation which was published in “Serials Review” at the beginning of 2013. This article is now freely available online and we kindly invite you to read it ! Peter Burnhill is Director of EDINA (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom) partner of the ISSN International Centre in “The Keepers Registry” project.

Standard   Standards

    Annual meeting of the ISO TC 46
Mrs Françoise Pelle, Director of the ISSN International Centre, will chair the annual meeting of the ISO TC 46 to be held in Paris from 3 to 6 May 2013. This  ISO Technical Committee is in charge of the standardization in the field of information and documentation.

RSS   Publishing, Information Industry, Technology 

Publisher Threatens to Sue Blogger for $1-Billion
Jeffrey Beall is a metadata librarian at the University of Colorado at Denver (United States), but he's known online for his popular blog Scholarly Open Access, where he maintains a running list of open-access journals and publishers he deems questionable or predatory.
Now, one of those publishers intends to sue Mr. Beall, and says it is seeking $1-billion in damages.
(The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013-05-29)

Do We Need a Consumer Reports of Journals, Written by the Authors?
Kent Anderson,  CEO/Publisher of the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, analyses the recent suggestion formulated by Robert Deaner, associate professor of psychology at Grand Valley State University (United States), in the Chronicle of Higher Education: a Web site that would aggregate author opinions of journal review processes and times to publication so that future authors could avoid journals that have negative reviews or allowed long delays before publication. (Scholarly Kitchen, 2013-05-24)

STM Ethical Principles for Scholarly Publication
STM, the "International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers" has published a document whose purpose is to set standards of behaviour for authors, journal
editors, peer reviewers, publishers or societies for society-owned or sponsored journals.
(STM 2013-05-21)

Are We In a Rut? Explaining the Increasing Homogenization of Scholarly and Scientific Publishing

According to Kent Anderson, serving authors contribute to a homogenization of efforts. Indeed, author incentives are constrained and direct. Authors want domain-specific prestige, citations, and rapid publication. A journal that seems to provide two out of three of these will be attractive for publication of most papers. (Scholarly Kitchen, 2013-05-16)

U.S. Government Accuses Open Access Publisher of Trademark Infringement
More and more companies are popping up with an offer to publish a report for a fee but deliver less than expected—sometimes they skip peer review or use editors who do no work—according to critics such as Jeffrey Beall. Now, the U.S. government has jumped in as an enforcer, warning one open access publisher to stop misusing the names of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the agency's employees in promotional material.(Science Insider, 2013-05-09)

How to support African science journalism online?
In the first of two articles, Research Africa editor Linda Nordling takes on the threats of plagiarism. In the second one, Brains Network editor Marc Mcilhone supports open sharing. (SciDev.Net, 2013-04-23/24)

Open access: four ways it could enhance academic freedom
The power of funding alone should not be enough to override academic freedom, argues Curt Rice, vice president for research and development at the University of Tromsø nor does open access automatically skew the world of scholarship. (The Guardian, 2013-04-22)

Libraries   Libraries

OCLC Working With Libraries to Test Record Management Functionality

OCLC is working with 13 libraries on three continents to beta test OCLC WorldShare Metadata Record Manager, which offers new record management functionality to enhance a library’s ability to catalog its collections, including electronic, digital, and physical materials.. (Information Today, 2013-05-30)

WMF panel: libraries need national e-lending model

At a Westminster Media Forum on publishing (21st May, United Kingdom), Tim Coates, c.e.o. of e-book company Bilbary, made the case for a model based on “Reader- Driven Access”, where libraries do not buy copies of e-books to lend to customers, but instead allow readers to access books from a national catalogue, with the library paying a fee to the publisher for each loan. (The Bookseller, 2013-05-24)

Improved access to newspapers: The Europeana Newspapers Project 
A highlight from the British Library on the activities of The Europeana Newspapers Project (ENP), a network of 18 partners (and 11 associated partners) working together to make more than 18 million digitised newspaper pages (including 10 million pages of full-text content) available via the Europeana ecosystem of online services, with aggregation carried out by The European Library. (British Library, 2013-05-07)

The Mobile Challenge | The User Experience
According to Aaron Schmidt, the biggest trend in website design is responsive web design (RWD). In a responsive design, a website elegantly displays on any size device, its popularity  is, in part, a response to the proliferation of mobile devices. Aaron Schmidt, principal at the library user experience consultancy Influx, thinks that all libraries should strongly consider employing it when redesigning. However, according to him, RWD isn’t itself a solution to library website woes. (Library Journal 2013-05-06)

OverDrive and Sourcebooks to Launch Ambitious Ebook Data Experiment
OverDrive, a digital distributor of eBooks and Sourcebooks, an independant book publisher, are preparing to launch a pilot program whose goal is to clearly demonstrate the impact library ebook lending has on book sales and author recognition. Early results will be presented at BookExpo America (BEA) which runs May 30-June 1 in New York City (Library Journal, 2013-05-03)

Calendar   Forthcoming Events and Conferences

E-Books: Discovery & Metadata Exchange, File Formats and Functionality, and Meeting Patron Needs (NISO/BISG 7th Annual Forum)
28 June 2013 – Chicago

UKSG webinar: Navigating through the new library systems landscape
26 June 2013 – Online

UKSG webinar: The mobile advantage: developing mobile services and resources for libraries and content providers
June 19, 2013 – Online

Leadership Strategies in Magazine & Digital Publishing
July 14-19, 2013 – New Haven

5th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP 2013)
September 18-20, 2013 – Riga

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