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Newsletter n°28 November 2014




Registering Researchers in Authority Files

The Registering Researchers Task Group wrote a report that summarizes the benefits and trade-offs of emerging approaches to the problem of incomplete national authority files. The report presents functional requirements and recommendations for six stakeholders (among them are librarians, aggregators and publishers). The broader impact of this work will be to make it easier for researchers and institutions to more accurately measure their scholarly output through the use of persistent identifiers.

  >> OCLC, October 2014  

Publishing Industry


Open science needs open minds

Feedback on the Research Data Alliance (RDA) Fourth Plenary Meeting in Amsterdam and overview of Elsevier’s Open Data pilot. This service provides authors with the option to upload their raw research data as a supplementary file. Upon acceptance of the article Elsevier will publish the data file open access alongside the article on ScienceDirect.

  >> Elsevier, 2014-10-21  

Why Are Publishers and Editors Wasting Time Formatting Citations?

In this paper, Todd Carpenter, Executive Director of the National Information Standards (NISO) raises the problem of inaccurate or badly written scientific citations and recommends the systematic use of metadata and identifiers in order to avoid ambiguities and mistakes.

  >> The Scholarly Kitchen, 2014-11-06  

Open Access developments in Turkey boosted by the Higher Education Council

The Open Access and Institutional Repositories Working Group (OAIR) of the Anatolian University Libraries Consortium (ANKOS) has started a national initiative to preserve its academic outputs.

  >> OpenAIRE, 2014-10-20  

What did we do during OA Week 2014?

OpenAIRE initiatives and events during the Open Access Week 2014.

  >> OpenAIRE, 2014-11-03  

Open Access to Research Publications: Looking Ahead

This briefing report is an inititive from the European University Association (EUA), an institution which has followed the developments in OA policies in the university sector since 2007. It aims at providing its membership with an informative policy overview. Its overall purpose is to contribute to the further policy discussion at European level by raising awareness of this important topic for research and research dissemination.

  >> European University Association, 2014-10-03  

White paper: Enhancing open data with identifiers

The Open Data Institute and Thomson Reuters have published a new white paper, explaining how to use identifiers to create extra value in open data.

  >> Open Data Institute, October 2014  

Growing Impact of Non-Elite Journals

A recent report by Google researchers shows that more highly-cited papers are found in non-elite journals. Phil Davis, publishing consultant, gives his opinion on the methods employed in this paper and the relevance of its results.

  >> The Scholarly Kitchen, 2014-10-20  

What’s the biggest challenge facing open access?

As academics across the world gathered to take part in the eighth annual Open Access Week (October 20-26 2014), The Guardian asked experts what they feel is the biggest challenge facing open access over the coming year.

  >> The Guardian, 2014-10-27  

Major international associations reaffirm their support for immediate open access to research articles

On the occasion of Open Access Week, COAR and other international associations are reaffirming their support for immediate open access to research results.

  >> COAR, 2014-10-21  

The Feedback Loop Between Open Access & Altmetrics

In the webinar, Mike Showalter, Plum Analytics Product Manager, talks about the role metrics can play in Open Access Publishing and how they can improve it in real time.

  >> Blog Plum Analytics, 2014-11-03  



Presentations From the 2014 Europeana Annual General Meeting

The 2014 Europeana Annual General Meeting took place on October 30-31, 2014 at the Museo Nacional Del Prado in Madrid.

Several slide presentations from the 8th annual general meeting event are now online.

  >> Library Journal, 2014-11-17  

A case study in national library innovation: Newspapers in the British Library

The paper reports on a number of innovative solutions which have been adopted in taking the Newspaper Programme forward – in particular in relation to digitization funding models, storage solutions, onsite service provision, and accessibility – and as such it provides a case study in national library innovation.

  >> IFLA, November 2014  

Austrian National Library releases collection through Europeana

One of the world’s most important historic book collections, from the Austrian National Library (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek,, will be made freely available to the public via thanks to the library’s digitisation programme and Europeana’s introduction of a new rights statement.

  >> Europeana, 2014-10-08  

Augmenting discovery data and analytics to enhance library services

Okanagan College Library incorporated Google Analytics into their discovery service in order to go beyond vendor-supplied quantitative data and obtain valuable qualitative information about users. This information can now be used to shape library services such as collection development, public services and interface design.

  >> Insights, November 2014  

Revisiting Demand-driven Acquisitions

How demand-driven acquisitions (DDA) has affected the university press community.

  >> The Scholarly Kitchen, 2014-10-15  



Information Day Europeana Newspapers

  >> November 27, Paris  

NISO Virtual Conference: Can’t We All Work Together?: Interoperability & Systems Integration

  >> November 19, Online  

NISO/NFAIS Joint Virtual Conference: Connecting the Library to the Wider World: Successful Applications of Linked Data

  >> December 3rd, Online  

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