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The International Centre for the registration of serial publications – CIEPS




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The purpose of the CIEPS – or ISSN International Centre, an intergovernmental organisation – is to manage the International Serials Data System (ISDS), an automated registration system for serial publications in all disciplines.

  • Founding texts
  • Members
  • Functions of the Centre

Founding texts

The agreement

The ISSN Network was formally established in 1975. The ISSN International Centre was officially created in Paris in 1976, under the terms of an agreement signed between UNESCO and France, the host country of the International Centre. This agreement consists in a law and decree which are regarded as a multilateral treaty for which UNESCO is the custodian of.

The statutes

The Statutes of the ISSN International Centre constitute the main part of the 1976 agreement and govern the ISSN International Centre.
They constitute the annexe of the decree.
To take advantage of the Centre’s activities, Member States and associate Members of UNESCO must be members of the Centre.


Today there are 88 member countries.

Functions of the Centre

The ISSN International Centre coordinates the activities of member countries.

It is responsible for maintaining and publishing the ISSN International Register.

It is also responsible for assigning ISSNs to:

  • international publications, and
  • publications issued in countries that do not have an ISSN National Centre.

Our team

Today the ISSN International Centre has a staff of 13: