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Access to the ISSN-L table




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The ISSN-L table (updated in real time) can be downloaded on demand to the ISSN International Centre.

  • What is ISSN-L?
  • How to obtain the ISSN-L table?

What is ISSN-L?

The linking ISSN, or ISSN-L, is a specific ISSN that groups the different media editions (print, online…) of the same serial publication (each edition having its own medium related ISSN).

The ISSN-L table is a data file which helps database or catalogue managers to process more efficiently the ISSN numbers listed in their sources, through the ISSN-L used as a matching key between the various editions identified by specific ISSNs.

For more details about the ISSN-L, please refer to the page dedicated to the linking ISSN.

How to obtain the ISSN-L table?

The ISSN-L table (listing the different ISSNs associated to each ISSN-L ) is updated on a daily basis and can be downloaded on demand. (It is a zipped file which has a size of approximately 17 Mbytes).

Potential users of the ISSN-L table should take into consideration the fact the ISSN-L table contains exclusively numbers (ISSN-L and ISSN) and that no title information or textual metadata element is given in the file. If you need an access to the full ISSN metadata (titles, publishers etc.) please refer to the page dedicated to the different subscription options to the ISSN Register.

As an example, see below an extract of the table:



0000-0019 0000-0019 2150-4008
0000-0027 0000-0027
0000-0043 0000-0043

If you wish to obtain the ISSN-L table, please follow the steps below:

step 1: Carefully fill in the form below.
step 2: If you request is approved, you will receive your login ID as soon as possible. Once you have received your login ID (by email) , you will have to  enter it  through the “restricted access” area at the bottom of the website.

step 3: You will then be able to download the ISSN-L matching table.

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