International Identifier for serials
and other continuing resources, in the electronic and print world

The ISSN International Portal, an incomparable working tool




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Navigate through the ocean of serial publications with ISSN: subscribe to the ISSN Portal!

  • The complete catalogue of all ISSN
  • A management tool for many professionals
  • A daily aid for managing titles

The complete catalogue of all ISSN

All assigned ISSN are registered in an international database: the ISSN Portal.

This database is easily accessible on the Internet through the ISSN Portal and is considered as the worldwide catalogue of serials and other continuing resources.

More than 2.5 million ISSN have already been assigned.

It is the largest source of authority for the identification of serial publications in the world.

A management tool for many professionals

The ISSN is an access key and management tool for all electronic and print serials.

It serves many users on a daily basis:

  • publishers,
  • distributors,
  • subscription agencies,
  • booksellers,
  • copyright agencies, and
  • librarians and information scientists.

It is a necessary reference in the complex world of serials: short-lived titles, ambiguous relationships between titles, etc.

A daily aid for managing titles

ISSN is also:

  • a simple and secure communication tool between publishers and distributors,
  • a tool that serves libraries and documentation centres,
  • a tool that serves the scientific community,
  • a tool that serves copyright management bodies, and
  • a criterion that provides access in some countries to special postal rates.