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The ISSN ID certificate




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Do you need an original and official document certifying that your publication has obtained an ISSN number? Request an ISSN certificate.

  • The ISSN certificate is an official attestation
  • Example of a certificate

The ISSN certificate is an official attestation

The ISSN certificate is issued on a letterhead signed by the ISSN director.   As a formal proof, it certifies that:

– a specific ISSN number is assigned to a publication in print, electronic, to your blog or website

–  this ISSN is part of the ISSN Register.

The certificate covers all information of the publication descriptive record (see below).

Example of a certificate

The International Centre for the registration of serial publications (CIEPS – ISSN international Centre), located in Paris (France), 45, rue de Turbigo, is an intergovernmental organization established by a treaty between UNESCO and France in 1975. The organization has 93 member countries in the world. It is the official international agency for the registration of serials and continuing resources.

The CIEPS – International Centre ISSN hereby certifies that ISSN 1819-1819 has been assigned to the publication entitled “The ISSN Portal” the characteristics of which are transcribed below.

ISSN 1819-1819
ISSN-L 0256-8888
Medium Computer remote
Key Title The ISSN portal
First or current publisher Paris : ISSN International Centre
Country of publication INTERNATIONAL
Dates of publication 2005 / 9999 current
Issuing body (as on the piece) ISSN International Centre
Frequency Continuously updated
Type of publication Updating database
Language Multiple languages
Title script Extended roman
Title proper The ISSN portal
Variant title The International Standard Serial Number portal
Abbreviated key title ISSN portal
Universal Decimal Classification 016:050
Universal Decimal Classification 050:016
Additional Physical Form Entry ISSN compact [ISSN 1018-4783]
Issued with Entry Liste d’abréviations de mots de titres. Titres de publications en série et autres ressources en continu [ISSN 1726-9032]
Supersedes ISSN Online [ISSN 1560-1560]
ISSN Centre International
Category — Register

To request an ISSN certificate, please register to the ISSN Extranet: