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Would your country like to create an ISSN National Centre? Here is what to do.

  • How to accede, instructions
  • Your annual financial contribution
  • Learn more

How to accede, instructions

Accession to the ISSN International Centre Statutes

First acquaint yourself with the ISSN International Centre Statutes.

Your country must then designate the institution that will fulfil the functions of the ISSN National Centre. This institution must have access to:

  • the collections of your country’s serial publications, and
  • the legal deposit circuit.

Your government (Prime Minister or Minister of Foreign Affairs only) can then send a letter to the Director General of UNESCO:

  • specifying that your country accedes to the ISSN International Centre Statutes, and
  • indicating the official body chosen by your country to fulfil the functions of the ISSN National Centre.

Creating your ISSN National Centre

Once UNESCO has received your country’s accession, it will notify the ISSN International Centre.

Your ISSN National Centre can then be created.

This creation is given effect by the signature of a bilateral working agreement:

  • between the Director of the Institution designated as the host of your country’s ISSN National Centre, and
  • the Director of the ISSN International Centre.

This agreement lists:

  • your responsibilities,
  • those of the ISSN International Centre, and
  • the technical agreements:  frequency of sending data, technical transmission method, etc.

Once the working agreement is signed, your ISSN National Centre receives the documentation and working tools needed to implement the operating procedures.

Your annual financial contribution

Member countries’ financial contributions are calculated based on each country’s Gross Domestic Product. They are subject to the vote of member Countries every two years.

Upon request, the ISSN International Centre can provide you with an estimate of the annual amount of your country’s contribution.

This amount does not have to be paid directly by the host institution of your ISSN National Centre. It can be paid by an official agency designated by your Government.

Learn more

For any question concerning the accession procedure and how to create an operational ISSN National Centre, don’t hesitate to contact the ISSN International Centre

You can also consult the list of member Countries in the ISSN Network and the ISSN National Centres

Assigning an ISSN when there is no ISSN National Centre

Pending the creation of your ISSN National Centre, the ISSN International Centre manages the ISSN assignment requests received from the publishers established in you country.

To do this, all they need to do is use the ISSN application form

Upon request, the ISSN International Centre can tell you how many ISSN have been assigned to publications in your country.

When your ISSN National Centre is created, the corresponding ISSN records are sent to it.