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Users are informed that they have a right to access, rectify, complete, update, block incomplete, ambiguous or outdated data, and a right to object for legitimate reasons with regard to the data concerning them, by writing to the CIEPS at the following address: 45 rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris, France. Please note that when visiting our site a cookie may be installed on your browsing software. In the ISSN International Centre framework, a cookie is a piece of data that stores your OpenURL preferences, and is used to facilitate future navigation. A cookie does not allow to identify a user. You can choose whether to accept or reject cookies, or to be warned before a cookie is placed on your computer. To disable cookies, you should use the corresponding functions of your browser. The users of the “ISSN International Centre” website must comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Law, whose violation is punished by criminal sanctions. Regarding the personal data to which they access, the users shall not collect, misuse and generally act in any manner that may violate or harm the privacy or reputation of individuals.

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