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and other continuing resources, in the electronic and print world

Annual Reports and Plans




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ISSN member countries defined new strategic orientations during the last meeting of the General Assembly in May 2020.

ISSN member countries identified seven goals to achieve within 4 years:

1/ Develop the global interoperability of the ISSN portal by improving the management of ISNIs

2/ Encourage the creation of new ISSN National Centres to extend the ISSN network worldwide

3/ Implement the sixth version of the ISSN standard by creating the family ISSN and other cluster ISSNs

4/ Implement the 2020 ISSN standard by assigning ISSNs to various types of continuing resources

5/ Develop interoperability of the ISSN Portal through the management of persistent identifiers and URLs of digital continuing resources

6/ Promote and develop Keepers Registry to associate new agencies and increase the number of identified archived resources

7/ Promote the ISSN portal as a professional tool for the National ISSN Centres to improve the ISSN assignment process

For more details, look at the Strategic Plan 2020-2024

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