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 Do you need more details about certain subjects?  Here are some documents you can download to know the ISSN in detail.

  • ISSN manual
  • List of language codes
  • List of country Codes and ISSN centre codes

ISSN manual

This edition of the ISSN Manual is the most recent one.

Adopted by the ISSN Network, it includes the new rules and new criteria for ISSN assignment including, in particular, for electronic resources.

Download the ISSN Manual 2015-ENG

Download the ISSN Manual 2015-FRA

Download the ISSN Manual_2015-SPA

Download the ISSN Manual_2015-RUS

List of language codes

This list is adapted from ISO 639-2: Codes for the representation of names of languages – Part 2: Alpha-3 code – Bibliographic code (code B).

It is updated by the Library of Congress, which is the agency with registration authority for this ISO standard.

The language codes are introduced in the ISSN records based on the languages of the publications.

The List of Language Codes is available on the web site of the Library of Congress.

List of Country Codes and ISSN National Centre Codes

The country codes are adapted from ISO 3166 – Codes for the representation of the names of countries and their subdivisions.

The ISSN International Centre creates and updates the ISSN National Centre codes.
They are introduced in the ISSN records based on the country of publication of the resource and on the ISSN National Centre responsible for their registration.

You can access the List of Country Codes on the ISO Online Browsing Platform.