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The NISO Transfer Code of Practice sets out best practices for scholarly publishers to ensure that journal transfers between parties occur with minimum disruption and that the content remains accessible. The Transfer Alerting Service (TAS), previously know as Enhanced Transfer Alerting Service, or ETAS, has been designed to facilitate communication of journal transfers and is hosted by the ISSN International Centre.


  • The Transfer Notification List:  Librarians, information professionals and any other organisations with an interest in journal transfers are encouraged to sign up to the list. Every time a journal transfer is announced using the Transfer Alerting Service, registrants on the Transfer Notification List receive e-mail alerts detailing the journal(s) involved, bibliographic information, and contact details for the publishers involved.  Sign up to the email list here :


  • The Journal Transfer Notification Form. This form is a simple way for publishers to communicate journal transfer information. Under the terms of the Code, endorsing publishers are requested to use the ISSN Portal  whenever they receive a new journal. Log-in details are required to use the form, and these are supplied to any publisher that endorses the Transfer Code.


  • The Transfer Notification RSS Feed. This feed stores information from publishers about previous journal transfers, and acts as an archive of transfer information supplied by publishers using the service.