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Automatic ISSN assignment to digitized periodicals available in Gallica




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BnF and CIEPS have joined forces in a project based on batch automatic assignments of ISSN numbers to digitized periodicals titles, particularly those available in Gallica, on the basis of the print version of the publications concerned, already identified with an ISSN.

The task of the BnF is to assign numbers progressively to titles without ISSN. The titles concerned are those which have already been digitized (retrospective part) as well as those which were recently added to the digitization process over the last months (current part). It is therefore a long-term project which just started.

This systematic approach to the numbering of digital reproductions is supplemented by an approach by printed corpus. Thus, the BnF has strived to cover the World war I trench newspapers, as well as the underground resistance newspapers, some of which are available in Gallica. ISSN France numbers both digitized reproductions of trench newspapers, and the print originals which do not yet have an ISSN. A dedicated project code stored in the records should also allow to identify within the ISSN Register both digitized and non-digitized titles.

Recently, the ISSN Register has been enhanced with records of digital reproductions corresponding to titles already identified for their original printed version. They will have their own ISSN, and the ISSN-L will ensure that a link is made between the two versions (print and digital).