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ISSN International Centre @Charleston Library Conference




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Dr Gaëlle Béquet, Director of ISSN International Centre, will participate in a panel session titled Strategic Frontiers in Digital Preservation that will take place on 3 November. In this session, the perspectives of libraries, publishers, and service providers will be explored on key strategic digital preservation issues. Participants will learn about recent initiatives and hear expert reflections on the fundamental requirements to ensure that scholarly material is adequately preserved in efficient and cost-effective ways for future scholars.

The full agenda of the conference is online :,bCfyRqZRF5TAQZxB4,fFkaFeSjzcQCcSPec,488.6669921875,61&skip=81&sortByFields[0]=startsAt&sortByOrders[0]=1&uid=QiWFYTgQ2szRSLd2H