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Continuation of the service Keepers’ Registry (




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ISSN International Centre and EDINA at the University of Edinburgh, have agreed to collaborate to postpone the retirement of Keepers Registry.  Keepers Registry has been a Jisc funded service for the UK Higher Education sector from 2016 to 2019, but this funding will cease in July 2019.  Jisc are thanked for their funding of the service over many years.


The ISSN International Centre and its Governing Board value the Keepers Registry as part of the global identification infrastructure for serials and wish to continue to make its functionality and content available for the UK and international communities of libraries, publishers and scholars.


To maintain this valuable service ISSN International Centre aims to provide a new service from December 2019.  To facilitate this development, funding for EDINA to run the current service until the end of November 2019 is to be provided by the ISSN International Centre and the Keepers Agencies.