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The 48th ISSN Centres Directors’ Meeting is taking place in Brussels, Belgium (23-26 October 2023)




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The 48th ISSN Centre Directors’ Meeting is being held from October 23-26, 2023 in Brussels, Belgium, at the kind invitation of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek/Bibliothèque royale (KBR).

The ISSN International Centre, located in Paris, France, has put together a dense agenda of presentations that will be attended by 60 participants from various continents.

This annual meeting of ISSN National Centre Directors is an opportunity for colleagues from ISSN Network Member Countries to exchange information on their activities, foster cooperation and participate in workshops.

Training will be provided by the ISSN International Centre team in the use of its up-to-date metadata production tool which has been upgraded regularly since its launch in June 2022. This tool is the production base underlying the ISSN portal, the global index for continuing resources (

A warm welcome to all delegates of the ISSN Network !