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The ISSN Network




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The ISSN Network is responsible for implementing the ISSN around the world. It is comprised of ISSN National Centres. The ISSN International Centre coordinates their activity.

  • ISSN Network
  • ISSN National Centres
  • ISSN International Centre

ISSN Network

The ISSN Network is comprised of 93 member countries and regularly welcomes new members.

Its missions include:
– assigning ISSNs,
– maintaining a world database of serial publications,
– serving as the standardisation authority in this area, and
– distributing information concerning the ISSN and promoting its use.

ISSN National Centres

ISSN National Centres are generally part of agencies that play an overriding role in the scientific and technical information system of the countries concerned.

Their mission includes:
– assigning ISSNs,
– maintaining local ISSN databases, and
– promoting the overall system.

ISSN National Centres are in contact with the publishers and bibliographical agencies of their countries, often in connection with their respective legal deposit systems.

ISSN International Centre

The ISSN International Centre is located in Paris. It is responsible for:
– maintaining and publishing the ISSN Portal,
– coordinating the activities of the ISSN National Centres, and
– assigning ISSNs to international publications and publications published in countries that do not have an ISSN National Centre.