International Identifier for serials
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New features in the Keepers Registry

The ISSN Register is at the heart of the Keepers Registry, the database managed by EDINA – University of Edinburgh and which acts as a global monitor on archiving arrangements for electronic journals made by a dozen memory organizations.

The site, which reports 34,357 e-journals as being archived, was recently upgraded and new features were added. Users can now submit lists of ISSN / titles so as to check the archival status of different publications in batch mode. Users searching for an ISSN associated with an e-publication get a result that shows basic information about that title, even if it is not reported as archived by any of the Keepers. Furthermore, a machine to machine interface (API) has been introduced through which external applications can query the database.


The National Library of Kazakhstan and the ISSN International Centre organize a training session in Almaty (April 3-5, 2017)

A training session will be held at the National Library of Kazakhstan from 3 to 5 April 2017 for colleagues from ISSN national centers in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Russia. Representatives of the Book chambers of Belarus and Ukraine will also participate in this training. At the same time, discussions will be held with the representatives of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia on the establishment of an ISSN regional center. A visit to the International Book Fair “On the Silk Road” is also scheduled for April 6th.


The Keepers’ Registry presented at the Coalition for Networked Information Fall 2016 Membership Meeting

The video of the presentation entitled “Stewardship of the Digital Scholarly Record & of Each Nation’s Published Heritage “given at the Coalition for Networked Information Fall Membership Meeting in Washington D.C., U.S.A. (Dec. 12-13, 2016) is now available on: