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Survey about ISSN

The ISSN International Centre expresses its thanks to the 1491 colleagues and partners who have submitted a response to the Opinion Survey about the ISSN Standard. The survey was circulated in 7 languages and has attracted attention in 78 countries. The ISO Working Group on the revision of the ISSN standard will now discuss the survey findings. We will keep you posted!


The new ISSN portal and customer extranet are online!

On January 4th, 2018, the ISSN international Centre launched its new Portal and its new Extranet which are available at

The ISSN Portal has been enriched with new features such as improved search functions (faceted search, cartographic search), multiple display options, additional data, i.e. a unified subject classification based on UDC, and the possibility to download bibliographic information in MARC and linked data formats.

The Customer Extranet allows each subscribing entity to have its own access point with details about its subscription. Specific statistics are available to help with usage monitoring. The new Extranet therefore allows customers of the ISSN Portal greater autonomy in managing their accounts.


Publishers : Important changes in the processing of ISSN requests

As from January 2018, the ISSN International Centre is offering:

  • a new ISSN Extranet for publishers with enhanced services such as:

– easy ISSN requests for publications
– tracking of the assignment process at every stage
– reports of titles for which publishers assume editorial responsibility
– fast requests for modification
– declarations of transfer of ownership
– interactions with the ISSN team through a collaborative platform

  • a new ISSN Portal interface ( combining free data and subscription-based access to enhanced ISSN data.

ISSN assignment is now a paid-for service. An ISSN request shall cost between 25 € and 50 € as per the country the publisher is located in. Service packages are also available on request.

The current ISSN Request web form will no longer be in use after Dec. 10th, 2017.

Publishers shall wait until Jan. 3rd, 2018 to send their new ISSN Requests using the extranet.

For further information, please contact communication[a]